Day 19: Playing in the sea with Ben

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December 20th 2012
Published: December 26th 2012
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Day 19: Playing in the sea with Ben

We went shopping in the shopping centre to buy Christmas presents and we bought lots of lovely presents. Mum and Dad went to buy presents for me, Joe and Ben and me, Joe and Ben went to buy presents for them. For the first hour we didn’t get anything because we didn’t see anything that Mum and Dad would like and so we went to McDonalds because that’s where Mum and Dad said to meet up after the first hour. After we had a drink we went off and this time we found some presents for Mum and Dad.

After we were very sweaty and tired after all that shopping we went back to the apartment and we had a little rest. After a while we went to the beach and sat down on the sand and started talking about missing England.

Then Ben asked me if I wanted to go in the sea and I said yes. Then we had loads of fun there because we played rolling sausages; you have to roll up when the sea pushes you up and you have to roll down when the sea pushes you down. Then we played that you had to sit down and when the sea would come up to you, you can’t move. I moved first and Ben won. Then I tried to keep the waves away from me, but they just kept on coming. Then some massive waves came and I had to jump high so that it wouldn’t get up to me. But Ben didn’t have to jump that much because he’s tall.

Then I got very cold and went out. Then Dad came in the sea and started playing with Ben.

For tea I had banana milk shake (my favourite) and ham pizza.

This is my last Blog of the holiday. I’ve really enjoyed being at Arica and going in the sea whenever I want, but I didn’t enjoy that the Jellyfish kept on coming and scaring me.

Love Nady

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