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April 19th 2009
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Hope all is well. Great to talk to those we spoke to on Marks Birthday. It was great seeing you all too. For those we didn´t get to talk to we will try to call you soon.

Anywhoo, since we have been talking we have left the lovely Iquique after a lot of chillaxing and doing pretty much nothing for two weeks. It was hard to go. We met some really great people there and had a good laugh.

Cheers for all the Birthday wishes too. I had a great one altogether. Col cooked me a lovely breakfast that morning, home made hash browns and all! And just as I swallowed the last tasty bite and was contemplating a little snooze in the sun, he breaks the news about my Birthday present. Paragliding! Oh and I had about 5 minutes to get ready. I was shitting it. Iquique because of the desert and the hills surrounding the city have the best thermals in Chile and lots of people flock there to fly over the city. By the time I got to the top of the mountain I was trying hard not to cry and after our safety briefing, where the guy tells us motion sickness is the biggest problem when flying and 80% of people puke I was really worrrying about seeing my breakfast and the vodkas from the night before, again. But as always Col knew best and I didn´t die, I really enjoyed it. Its a strange feeling don´t feel like you are moving at all really. The view was amazing and I didn´t throw up on the good people of Iquique or my guide.
We had a BBQ that evening and a good session that lasted till the next day. We had the brainwave that going to the beach would be a good idea and of course fell straight asleep and got burnt a little. Luckily Sorcha and Damien came and woke us up just in time.
And of all nights, just when we needed a good nights sleep and we were getting the bus to Peru the next day we went to bed early at about 9:30pm only to be woken up about 20 mins later by our first Tremor. It wasn´t much, only about 4 or 5 seconds that made the bed and the windows rattle. Terrifying none the less. I
Sunday lunchSunday lunchSunday lunch

Damo, Sorcha, Dave
hopped up got dressed and ran downstairs to see were people running and screaming into the streets. Of course they weren´ happens all the time here. It´s just amazing that after 6/7 weeks in Chile it happens on the last night!

Next day we got the bus then a taxi, then another bus and finally a taxi for good measure and arrived in Arequipe in Peru, tired and hungry.

This is a really lovley place. People are very friendly and everyone speaks english. We are staying just of a beautiful square in the centre of town. We did an open top bus tour yesterday like a bunch of yanks and got loads of snaps....
Last night as it was our first night in Peru we went out for dinner and sampled one of the local dishes...Guinea Pig. Yep those lovely furry little brown and white lads we all had as pets at some stage. Surprisingly tasty. It´s a cliche but it tasted like chicken..the slimy grey leg meat now..but chicken none the less.
Next on the menu is Alpacha...a cute version of a Llama!

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Yum! Yum!

Gorgeous Linda, but not as good as yours Mammy Brady of course.
Bound Skulls!Bound Skulls!
Bound Skulls!

Just like Indiana Jones

Do I look worried
Darlene Darlene

Darlene 084Darlene 084
Darlene 084

We´re only about 400mts..went to 850mts
Darlene and LindaDarlene and Linda
Darlene and Linda

looking a little drunk
Guess which is Colie?Guess which is Colie?
Guess which is Colie?

He´s found a new style guru!
A herd of Guinea PigsA herd of Guinea Pigs
A herd of Guinea Pigs

I think I´ll have the fat one at the back
Guinea PigGuinea Pig
Guinea Pig

Good auld fluffy..a good pet, but a better meal!

5th May 2009

Where are u
Hi Lads, No word since 27th April hope this is not a bad sign and that you are not lost in the jungle. Darrens birthday is on Thursday so have a pint for him. Our extension is going well and nearly finished. Otherwise things are at their crappy best here. Let us hear from you soon. Luv Ter
9th May 2009

alive and kicking
sorry ma in the jungle for the last was the bollocks ya can read all about it on the latest blog .anyway all is cool and will be in touch soon. love colie
15th May 2009

Hey kids, Catching up on your latest adventures - paragliding - cooool!!!! Not so sure about the grub yez are tucking into though! Busy with finishing off college stuff at the mo, so will send a better mail in a week or so. Keep her lit, Gar

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