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October 16th 2007
Published: October 16th 2007
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It's been a while since our last one but that's due to the fact that we've been up to so much and haven't had a chance to write or call.

We have been in Villarica since Friday morning and are staying with our friends Karla and Victor. They have been looking after us so well and making sure we don't miss any sights before we go. We went to the town of Valdivia where we saw a really cool fish and vegetable market. The fish being freshly caught from the 3 rivers close by. It's famous for having 3 rivers meeting in the middle. It's a magnificent sight and to be honest, the whole of Villarica is like a postcard, it's amazing! When you see the photo's you'll understand.

We went to visit the great fort in Niebla (Niebla means fog). It was amazing for many reasons, one being that it was never used. It was built to fight the Portugese attacks but they never came as they settled in Brazil. So the Great fort was never used in battle but it's still amazing none the less.

We had lunch at a German settlement area in a place called Kunstmann, which is a brewery where they serve you a huge beer pump which holds about 4 pints or so and the great thing is you pour yourself a beer from the pump. It's good fun and I ate (well I didn't finish it because it was huge!) a pig's leg. It was nice but a bit too fatty for me. Anyway the reason we were there was to watch the footy. The Big Match!! Argentina vs Chile. Chile unfortunately lost 2-0 but it was a good atmosphere and they never expected to win anyway. Still good fun!

On Sunday we went to the thermal baths and oh my god it was crazy! The water is heated from the volcano nearby and the whole place was amazing! There were waterfalls and the place seemed to go on forever. It was about 17km above ground, well that's how far it was uphill anyhow. We spent a while in there and then went to have dinner at Karla's Mum's. It was very nice and her family is Brilliant. So friendly, but then Chileans are so I guess no surprise there. Our Spanish phrasebook is coming in handy but only when we're on our own as it's easier for locals to order etc.

Yesterday (Monday) we went to the Volcano and climbed it. It's 5000m from the ground and we attempted to climb it. All 4 of us started off and were doing OK, only I had dodgy stomach (the altitude got to me being a city boy). I was getting worse and after 4 hours couldn't take it anymore. Me and Edina came back down and Victor and Karla carried on. The wind up there was so bad and we didn't realise the sun was so strong even tho we couldn't really see it. We all look like lobsters today and are in extreme pain. Poor Karla is the worst, and had to go to the Doctors today. We're OK but just a bit embarrased walking around town. Karla and Victor got to within 200 metres from the top but the guide thought it was too dangerous to continue so brought them down. They would have made it tho I'm sure. We're massively proud of them for getting that far and as the guide told us after, not many people get to the top anyway. I guess they can't sell the tickets if they tell you that beforehand as you wouldn't bother. Still the experience was great and I was pleased to make it that far and furthermore, glad to be back to flat land and a bit warmer. Just to give an indication, we faced temps of about 0 whilst Karla and Victor reached -9 before turning back.

Anyway we're all recovering today and off to Pucon later to chill out and have dinner.

We are moving on to New Zealand on Friday night, arriving in Auckland on Sunday morning (No there is no mistake in that sentence). We leave at midnight Friday and arrive at 5am Sunday.

So peeps, hope you've enjoyed this, and hope to have an update soon. Hope you're all OK but you can leave messages so please do, just to keep us in the loop of what's happening wherever you are.

Take care and blog to you soon.

Lee and Edina
x x x x x


17th October 2007

Hi guys
Hope you're both well. Thanks for keeping us all updated on your trip - it sounds fantastic so far. Shame about the sunburn - trust Lee to woos out up a mountain and be ill. Nothing changes! Nothing to report from this end, same old same old (unfortunately). I'm sure you can imagine us all working hard over here while you're having the time of your lives. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and take care, Love, Dee xx
18th October 2007

Hola Chicos, como estais? Hope, you are well, despite the lobster syndrome! It would be great to see some photos as well! Take care! Muchos besos! TT
18th October 2007

Hola amiga!
Thanks for message, indeed we are due to put some pictures on. We´ve been having a great time. E-mail me on my hotmail, if you get the chance. I hope you and Zsolt are well. x
19th October 2007

Do you mind the doo doo down there?
Hello peeps, Glad you're ok and having fun - Lebby, I hope Mum doesn't read that you burnt yourself! tut tut! Nothing much going on here, we are off to Merk's wedding this weekend and Vikki is about to drop but that's it. Your updates are really good and 'educational' and I do have fun trying to work out which one of you is saying what! You should turn them into diaries!! Weather has turned very cold these last few will be here soon! LOL! Don't forget to look out for my ugg boots in Auz! I will need them! hee hee! See you soon, love you loads, carry on travelling! K. xxx

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