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South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica Volcano April 7th 2016

Du 18 au 21 mars 2016 Simon Pucon est une ville touristique en plein coeur de la région des Fleuves, à 4h au nord de Puerto Montt. Chaque été, elle accueille des flots de touristes chiliens (c'est un peu le Touquet du Chili !) et internationaux venus profiter des lacs, rivières, forêts et volcans de la région. N'appréciant pas vraiment les lieux envahis par la foule, on a un peu hésité avant de prendre la direction de Pucon. Une fois sur place, on découvre une charmante petite ville aux maisons en bois, fleuries et étonnamment harmonieuses comparées à ce qu'on avait vu jusqu'alors au Chili... Cerise sur le gâteau, la foule a déjà fait ses valises pour cause de fin de saison. Le premier jour, nous nous rendons en bus aux "Ojos de Caburga", des piscines ... read more

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica Volcano April 3rd 2013

Hi all, It's been quite a few days since the last entry, me and Carmen have made our way to Santiago already but a combination of no time and no access to my dear Camera for the pictures means I have not yet updated you all on our ascension to Volcano Villarica. The Volcano had been luring us for few days, we booked our day trip to the top of Volcano Villarica on our very first day in Pucon for our return from park Huerquehue; having checked the weather it looked like Sunday 31st would be ideal; the climb can only be attempted on clear days not to put hikers into danger but also to maximize the chance of having a clear view from the top. It took us 3 attempts... day 1 (sunday), the wind ... read more
Volcano Villarica
Volcano Villarica
Volcano Villarica

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica Volcano March 14th 2013

Alors avec les rafales de vent qui ont soufflé toute la nuit, je me suis levée et suis allée à l’agence en me disant qu’ils allaient annuler. Eh bien non ! Le plan, conseillé par l’agence, était de prendre un téléphérique pour la première partie car elle ne présente aucun intérêt et permet de garder ses forces pour la 2èmepartie. Sauf qu’en cas de vent, le téléphérique n’ouvre pas, donc il va falloir monter tout ça à pied! Le rythme est assez lent avec des pauses fréquentes. Puis vient le moment où nous devons chausser les crampons et les guêtres, mettre le casque, ça ne rigole plus. Et je dois dire que le début ne m’a pas rassurée, car c’était vraiment de la glace avec une grande inclinaison, et j’espérais secrètement que ça ne dure pas ... read more

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica Volcano January 20th 2012

Recently I moved in with a family in picturesque Pucón, which is a village in Chile nestled between green hills that fold down into an expansive lake. This shores of this lake provide both a beach and a harbour on either side of a small point of land which juts into the lake at one end of Pucón. The most dramatic aspect of the landscape though is the perfectly conical volcano that stands on the edge of town, which along with providing ski fields, has also had some serious lava flows in the past. After spending an entire week having my eyes drawn to the snowy slopes of majestic Vulcán Villarrica, I could no longer resist the temptation to climb it and peer into its smoking crater. I signed up with one of the plethora of ... read more

We went to Pucon with the express intention of climbing to the top of the towns volcano. However as our bus neared Pucon, the snow capped summit of Volcano Villarrica came into view and it became clear that getting to the top would not be easy. Tracy spent much of our first day in Pucon procrastinating over whether to attempt to climb Villarrica Volcano. However once she saw pictures of people who had succeeded she decided to go for it. Tracy would come to regret that decision in less than 24 hours. That evening we tried on our mountaineering boots, jackets and trousers and made a load of ham and cheese sandwiches to eat on the climb the next day. Waking up at 6am I cooked us both omelettes and by 7:30am we were waiting at ... read more
The route up Volcano Villarrica with heights
Getting ready to start with our guide Toby
Tracy nearing the snow line on Volcano Villarrica

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica Volcano February 7th 2009

After two days of hanging around in Pucon under grey skys and rain, the horizon finally cleared to the site of the Villarrica Volcano. The Villarrica Volcano is an active Volcano situated outside of the town Pucon where I have come to stay for a week or so. Myself and my four friends woke early to setoff on the trek up Villarrica. To climb the Volcano you must be with a guide and have the proper equipment as the conditions in the high altitude can turn for the worse very quickly. We got our gear together and headed to the base of the Volcano by bus. There, with out ice picks, crampons, and the rest of our gear, we began the trek up Villarica. As we made our way up the side of the volcano the ... read more
Resting Before The Final Climb
At The Top

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica Volcano January 12th 2009

Firstly, some of you seem to take great pleasure of pointing out I seem to have become a bit volcano obsessed over the past 4 months. So I thought I'd write you a nice story about my last ascent. Tens of tour groups do Villarrica every day, and as it was quite expensive, I thought about trying to climb it on my own, and just hiring the equipment. After all, I'd just have to follow one of the groups up, and it'd be easy right? Sadly, regulations about having to be a member of the British mountaineering society put paid to that, so I coughed up my money and prepared to join the masses. Or at least that's what I'd hoped to do, unfortunately I had been told the wrong time, so when I arrived at ... read more
Old ski lift
View from Villaricca

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica Volcano September 5th 2008

Op naar de vulkaan Villarrica! Na een stuk in het nationaal park te hebben gereden staan we midden in de sneeuw… sneeuwballen gooien! We rijden nog een stukje door en dan ineens…. Vliegt daar een condor! Geweldig mooi om te zien, zeker met de vulkaan op de achtergrond… We gaan weer terug, we beklimmen de vulkaan niet (hadden we om half 6 vanmorgen weg moeten gaan…) maar we hebben toch zeker een paar mooie plaatjes van de vulkaan (die dus rookt…) We gaan dus terug, naar Pucon en lopen langs de winkeltjes totdat het tijd is om te lunchen. Na de lunch besluiten we naar Lago Caburgua te gaan. Hier is het echt ‘winterseizoen’: er is niemand te bekennen… Het water van het meer staat trouwens wel heel hoog, zo hoog dat het strandje onder water ... read more
02-Vulkaan Villarrica
03-Sneeuwballen gooien...
04-NP Villarrica

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica Volcano April 29th 2008

Sitting in a hostel common room in Bariloche, Argentina, I'm debating where to go next, south? into the increasing chill, north? a wine tour in Mendoza, east? to the coast where soon the whales will return, or west? into Chile across the Andes and to the small town of Pucón where an active Volcano can be climbed. So many options and unfortunately my time in South America is in it's final few weeks. I form a vague plan, head west, then north then east; Bariloche to Pucon, to Santiago, to Mendoza. Patagonia, Glaciers and Antarctica will have to wait - another trip - I've said this before. Part of the decision was down to one of those coincidences, speaking to people who'd just arrived from Pucon, not being sure what to do and then looking at ... read more
Villarrica Volcano (2)
Villarrica Volcano (3)
Villarrica Volcano (4)

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Villarrica Volcano April 21st 2008

Nine hours south of Santiago is Pucon, a mecca for adventure sports. The town sits at the foot of the Villaricca volcano, an active volcano. At 4am on our first night, the town´s siren went off. We thought we were in a real life Dante´s Peak! But it turned out to be the summoning of the town´s volunteer firefighters. We can now say that we have climbed a volcano, an active one at that! Having had no previous climbing experience, we were a bit phased about what lay ahead. Crampons, what the .... are crampons?! Every time you look at the top you think "Ach, i´ll be there in a jiffy," but no, it´s another two hours! As we reached the summit finally, the putrid odour emanating from the massive crater choked us. However, the thick ... read more
All kitted out
Ryan ready to rock
The beginning of the ascent up Volcano Villarrica

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