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South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón November 6th 2005

Welcome to Chile´s Lake District, a spectacular glacial landscape of sheer mountains, rolling valley floors and (least surprisingly of all) a multitude of beautiful lakes. Like Bolivia, Chile has a variety of terrains. We have been up high in the Andes, scorched in the desert and relaxed in the Meditteranean-like coast, but it has to be said that the scenery here is the most classically beautiful. We arrived in Pucón in the early morning, dropped off some kit at a hostel and decided to head out to Parque Nacional Huerquehue (pronounced "wear-key-wear" - took a bit of time to get that one). Pucón is a nice enough place. OK, it´s tourist central but its pleasant on the eye (it looks a bit like a swiss ski resort), has loads of good accomodation options and is the ... read more
The Chilean Lake District
Sunset in Pucon
Hmmm - tuna pasta again? Yes please...

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón October 26th 2005

We only really had time to visit one place in Chile besides Santiago, and when you scroll through the lonely planet to decide which tourist saturated place to go next, Pucon definatley was a standout.... After 5 short days in Venezuela at Isla Margarita, living life in the sun and sand, we decided that it was time to crack out the ¨sloppy joes¨ theres some aussie for ya, and head south to colder lands, Chile to be exact. Santiago was great, saw a lot more of it that i did last time, b-dog dragged me to a house of a famous poet whose name escapes me, funnily enough...haha never have been much of a bookworm. Anyway after dinner one night we were taking a stroll to the hostel from the place we ate, with a litre ... read more
View from the Top of the World
Liquid hot MAGMA
Me and the Lady

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón October 25th 2005

We had a 6 hour flight from La Paz to Santiago (the flight went via Arica, where we cleared Chilean customs, and Iquique). Being in Santiago is like being in the US or a big, modern European City. It has order, structure and draught beer - all of which are distinctly lacking in Bolivia. It´s a rather disoreintating feeling being amidst such civilization, so what better way to embrace it than with a couple of ice-cold beers?! The beer in Chile is excellent. If you ask for a Schop you get a pint sized draught lager. This, on average, costs about 90p in Santiago. We had a great few days exploting the city, and even went on a shopping spree and treated ourselves to some new clothes! We went to the zoo, and up a fantastic ... read more
G&R in Santiago
Guy and Rachel

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón October 17th 2005

You know other peoples holidays, right? Well they’re like dials that go up to ten on normal amps. Well we've got an amp called the intense-o-meter. Our holiday, right, it goes to eleven in intensity, see?, eleven. And that means that its much more intense? I hear you ask. Well, its one more isn’t it, its not ten, its eleven. So while most people will be holidaying at ten, we’ll be at eleven. (respect to Spinal Tap) It seems like a long time since we blogged… this isn’t intentional, in fact its because my hands have been so cold I can’t type, this is still the case as I sit here in a freezing internet/call centre in a place called Puerto Varas in Chile. This is the lake-district, and to get lakes you need water, and ... read more
the hardest working man in hotels
just a little tighter...
plenty of bravado si!

South America » Chile » Araucanía » Pucón March 30th 2005

Climbed a volcano, sat in some natural hot springs, went fly fishing and went to the beach...all within the little town of Pucon. I took a 10 hour bus ride "full cama" which means you sit in a chair that reclines almost 180...pretty comfortable for a bus. I arrived in the little town at 6am and it looked a lot like a smaller version of Vail, and had the feel of North Conway, New Hampshire. The main strip was only a few blocks long, with adventure tours and guides everywhere and little restaurants, bars and stores filling in the gaps. I arrived with a girl I had met in Valparaiso and we met up with some of her friends who were already in town. After waking up some people and getting chased by a few dogs, ... read more
Rental car
base of the volcano

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