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December 12th 2009
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Known as an "adventure tourist" hotspot, I wasn't sure what we would think of Pucón. Sure enough, the tiny town is brimming with tour shops and sports equipment rentals and lots of tourists and working expats catering to them. Of course, there is good reason for all this - there are plenty of opportunities to climb the volcano mountain bike, or take a raft out, but this was not our prerogative on a tight budget and my not so agile knees. The landscape of a huge volcano and lake are beautiful! but we found ourselves digging for more of a local understanding of the town. By taking some longer walks and wandering behind a few of the walled off neighborhoods we found weekend homes of wealthy Chileans looking for a quiet place to stay in the natural beauty, with access to the fun around town of course! We found a camping area near the lake that would have been perfect to stay at - next time around!

Happy to have a nice kitchen to use at our hospedaje, I made a salad with leafy greens, palta (the Chilean word for aguacate in Spanish or avocado in English), and soft, creamy, fresh sliced riccotta cheese. Yum! I made a pilaf as well.

We packed a picnic of bread, cured meat, and cheese, plus lots of fruits and veggies (when in Chile eat everything with palta!) and headed to the Pozones hot springs on the morning of the 11th. There are lots of hot springs in the area, most of which are not so natural seeming any more but take the water and fill it into tiled pools. Pozones is supposedly the most natural of the springs, but still fairly developed, piping water into sand bottomed pools dug into the ground with rock walls. Another plus, this is the budget option. It would have been nice to come at night! but night transportation is difficult on a budget. We spent the morning sitting in the water watching little green lizards with bright blue tails crawl around the cliff walls near by. We were two of 4 young people there and not quite sure if there was a retiree bus that stopped by. After enough time in the water we had our lunch and ran up the hill to catch the bus back to town, deciding that we were going to be too bored to stick around the rest of the day until the next bus came.

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