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Published: November 9th 2006
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Valley de lunaValley de lunaValley de luna

the land looks like its from the moon
hey guys
well for my spring break i decided to head up north. My first stop, San Pedro de Atacama- the driest desert in the world. The bus ride from santaigo was long, but nice. we rode along the coast, desert, mountains,... every type of scenery.
San Pedro is this small village... set up for tourist. there are many things to do. I went sandboarding, valley of the moon, saw geysers, and went to this awesome cave party. For two days, my days were nonstop.. waking up at 4am, getting back at 2pm, resting and then going again at 6pm.
After two days, i met some cool independent travellers and we decided to do the salt flat tour in bolivia. THis, by far, is probably one of the highlights of my trip. I mean, the scenery, the landscape I saw and just the different contrasting colors of nature is indescripable. WE saw desert, salt flats, and lagoons. For 4 days, we drove in a 4 wheel drive jeep, all of us just staring out the window, listening to some good ol Bob Marely and other classic, with our mouths wide open becuase we could not believe in what we saw. tedious,
At some pretty lakeAt some pretty lakeAt some pretty lake

the crew and I at the first lake.
but worth it. the food was not bad either, our driver was soooo nice, and the accomondations were not bad. just look at the pictures

Next stop.. slowly making my way back to santiago down the coast...

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Lake coloradoLake colorado
Lake colorado

this was probably my favorite spot. this lake had so many colors- pink, red, blue, purple, green, white, and lots of flamingos

a lake with natural hot springs

almost every mountain, or volcano was mixed with colors
salt hotelsalt hotel
salt hotel

we spent the 2nd night in this state of the art salt hotel.. everythign was made from salt

some worker making salt blocks
on the isla on the isla
on the isla

there is this island in the middle of the flats

16th May 2007

Jeep to Bolivia
Hi, We are thinking of doing the jeep ride to Bolivia from San Pedro and your photos make us want to do it even more! Who did you book your jeep with? Any recommendations? Cheers.

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