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South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral October 7th 2010

Ari, Brad, Dana and I decided that our first long trip in the 11th Region of Chile was to Chile Chico. There are two ways you can get there: by ferry from Puerto Ibañez or drive around the second largest lake of South America, Lago General Carrera (on the Chilean side) or Lago Buenos Aires (on the Argentinian side). In order to get a heads up, we started our journey Thursday around 8pm. Since it was dark we weren't able to appreciate nature around us. As soon as we woke up we discovered the breathtaking scenery all around us. It took us around 4 hours to drive around the lake from Bahia Murta to Chile Chico. We stopped every half hour or so to take pictures and see landscapes you can't see anywhere else in the ... read more
Brad and our ride
The girls!
Carretera Austral

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral April 5th 2010

Pour acceder au Chili depuis El Chalten il faut prendre successivement un bus, un bateau sur le lago del desierto (ou le longer a pied) et puis faire 22 km a pied avec toutes ses affaires sur le dos. Apres avoir fait tout ca je suis arrive a un minuscule bled (un poste douanier chilien sur le lac O'Higgins) ou j'ai fait la connaissance de 3 francais. Clementine, 26 ans, prof d'espagnol en France, qui voyageait pour 6 mois et devait retrouver son copain a Santiago 3 semaines plus tard. Puis un couple de francais, tous les 2 profs de sport, qui faisaient Ushuaia-Lima en velo . . . le couple attendait le bateau depuis la veille et logeait dans une petite cabane qui a vraisemblablement deja acceuillit des dizaines de cyclistes comme eux. On a ... read more
Imagen 010
Imagen 011
Imagen 013

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral March 18th 2010

We started this stage of the trip in Chile Chico at the Argentinean border. A few km down the road on the Chilean side you can take the ferry to the other side of Lago the Buenos Aires. We decided to taken a short cut to the Carreta Austral (routa 7). It was an amazing road that went up high through wonderful mountain ranges and along steep cliffs and beautiful lake's. Along the way we had to drive around big rocks that fell on the road and often the guard rail was ripped to pieces and occasionally we saw land slides that damaged the road. We drove for four hours without seeing any cars! On the routa 7 we drove along the rio baker, the water of this river is green blue turquoise and very beautiful. ... read more
short cut to Routa 7
short cut to Routa 7
short cut to Routa 7

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral March 12th 2010

hola Chicos, Na onze opwarming in het Argentijnse merengebied trokken we verder zuidwaarts langs de oostkant van de Andes. We komen opnieuw terecht in ons geliefde El Bolsón, het zelfverklaarde "ecologische centrum" van Argentina. Gelegen in een prachtige, vruchtbare vallei tussen 2 parallelle bergketens, bezoeken we er talrijke microbierbrouwerijtjes en proeven we de talrijke, verse lekkernijen op de bijna-dagelijkse artesanale markt. Centraal-Patagonia is wild en geïsoleerd, waardoor weinig toeristen dit ongerepte deel van Patagonia bezoeken. Aan Chileense zijde is het oerwoud zodanig dicht dat er weinig trails/routes zijn naar de prachtige, onbenoemde en begletsjerde bergtoppen, die slechts sporadisch te zien zijn vanaf de beroemde Carretera Austral (url= read more
Lago Menendez
Fitzroya cupressoides
verplichte foto

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral February 12th 2010

Never in the annals of time had the Amigos had such a manly adventure. There was the issue of who had booked the best and worst hotel/lodge and a points scoring competition had developed . Amigo Miller had planned the first half of the trip and Amigo Smee had responded with the second half. While Tortel had brought the competition near level on all parts of the experience, the lodge in Tortel had pushed Miller into the lead unfortunately by quite a bit, all be it budgets were in excellent shape for the second leg, while Miller's part was in tatters! Smee had to get thinking and planning, time was running out, as was the Carretera Austral. While Miller was out on another horse ride with another Senorita, (strange that) his lead became not so sure. ... read more
This is how they cook their lamb
Takes about an hour to cook
Gaucho cutting lamb up

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral February 6th 2010

The Carretera Austral runs for over 1200 kms from Puerto Montt southwards through Chilean Patagonia along the Pacific edge of the country. In order to see the island of Chiloe as well, we had decided to miss the northern section of the Carretera and cross from Chiloe to Chaiten, further down. We arrived at the ferry port at 10.30pm in plenty of time for sailing at midnight. After a long sit in the car - it was far too cold and windy to get out; we all finally drove onto the ferry, the Don Baldo, with the final unlucky drivers having to reverse their cars up the ramp. The ferry would sail overnight, due in Chaiten back on the mainland at 6am. Having booked only a few days before, there were no cabins available, so we ... read more
Ventisquero Yelcho
Lago General Carrera
Looking towards Argentina, Lago Buenos Aires

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral January 29th 2010

Now starts the real adventure and why we came to Chile. THE CARRETERA AUSTRAL. Simon and I read the below in a book and we just looked at each other and said “Let’s drive it” “Travelling along the Carretera Austral is one of the greatest journeys South America has to offer. The Carretera is largely an unpaved, gravel, single track RIPIO road stretching almost 1200km through spectacular ever-changing scenery and with similar length of branch roads to the fjords or the Andes Mountains of Patagonia beyond. Before the opening of the road in1995 (it took 20 years to build) this part of deep southern Chile was inaccessible; it remains breathtaking. The journey will take you past trees growing out of vertical cliffs, impenetrably thick millennial forests and burned pastures dotted with glacial debris; innumerable waterfalls rushing ... read more
This is the road we are going on
Start of road
Soon into the Andes

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral January 19th 2010

As I woke up to my 4 Israeli neighbours the water was still dropping from the sky or as it says the clouds were hanging low. I had to catch my ferry on thursfay in Chaiten so some cycling had to be done. Pinera was the winner of the Presidential election but that did not mean anything for the wetter. No grass moving after the results were clear in Puyuhuapi. Tried to find some internet and there were Coby and Max. Two well informed soccer Israelians. One a Barcelona fan and the other a Real fan. They had watched the games the evening before. If I only had known. On for the 45k to La Junta. Only 2.51. A fairly good road with holes you good easily passv. Rain off course but you get used to ... read more
low hanging......
nice bridge
Julian and Freya to Ushuaia

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral January 18th 2010

Puyuhuapi and it rains on and on. After the sunny day two nights and a day of rain followed. I still wanted to go to the Park with the Ventisquero Colgante. There was only one bus going there. A lot of hitchhikers on the road. It was election day in Chili so not a lot of people were moving. So I got in the bus for the 22km ride. Raingear and food. Water is everywhere so for drinking you do not have to worry. On the road a stop for two Frencg cyclists in trouble. A low tandem bike with a small wheel in front. The small wheel infront made so much turns that they had problem with the tires. And in Chili no good tires were to be found. So their hope was on a ... read more
the less sunny campsite
ventisquero colgante in the mist
bridge over speedy rio

South America » Chile » Aisén » Carretera Austral January 18th 2010

It started out cloudy but then the sun traveled with me. I saw a lot of cyclists. Two French couples, a Chilean Alvaro and Martin from Germany. Two French on a tandem and two on the low bikes. The low bikes were going around the globe and had crossed the ocean from Tokyo to Santiago. In an airplane off course. Today Parc Quelat was on schedule with a nasty climb which was only 7 km from my side. The paved road continued from Amengual still 30 km so the day was easier than expected. The climb in the dense Parc was very nice. I took some time to wander a Sendero but the walk to the glacier was far and very wet. The road was verry narrow beacause of all the plants and trees. On the ... read more
french cyclists with Alvarro
water and stone
the Park

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