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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro April 24th 2006

three songs were stuck in my head the whole time we were there: copa.... copacabana the girl from ipanema her name is rio and dances on the sand... i know, pretty typical. but you can't help think of them when you're on the beach. rio was a beautiful city. amazing beaches, breathtaking natural backdrop of mountains and greenery, and gorgeous people. i swear, 80% of the people there have sculpted bodies. one thing we couldn't get past was how every guy wears speedos. i kept trying to look away whenever an old dude would walk by, all greased up, and wearing an outfit tinier than most women in america would wear. i guess what made up for it, though, was that almost every woman was wearing a g-string. woohoo! i guess teresa and i both enjoyed ... read more

So made it to the airport and caught the plane to Rio De Janeiro, Arrived Monday 17th April and caught an extortionately priced radio cab to Ipanema.... Gary lost his wallet in the taxi and we got caught in a monsoon looking for a hostel..... Not the best of starts!! After 24 hours of rain things did improve.... Tuesday took the cable car up Sugar Loaf Mountain, but unfortunately it was overcast..... Wednesday went to Corcovado to see JC and took the cog train up the mountain.... definately the best views in Rio and timing was excellent as the cloud broke for sunset.... To clarify DIRTY BARS are not what you might think..... the name comes from a French traveller in our hostel called Omar who referred to the street bars where the locals drink and ... read more
Fellow Pirate, Ipanema
Grant Mitchell does Rio
Ipanema Beach

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador April 23rd 2006

HEHE...heb eindelijk al mijn tentamens gehad. Een 8,5 voor marketing, een 1 voor Processos Integracao Regional en Spaans en Comercio weet ik nog niet. Maar denk wel dat ik dat heb gehaald. Afgelopen donderdag zijn we naar Salvador gevlogen. Tis maar een uurtje vliegen ofzo, en dat werd me zelfs teveel. Helemaal duizelig en al t vliegtuig uit. Pff Anyway...hier aangekomen begint t KEIHARD te regenen. We gingen met de taxi naar de jeugdherberg. Was ongeveer 1 uur, 3 kwartier met de taxi. De jeugdherberg is echt suuupper leuk en gezellig. Zitten ook allemaal buitenlandse mensen in. De link van de herberg is: Kunnen jullie ook ff een kijkje nemen. Albergue do Porto Youth Hostel De eerste dag dat we hier waren natuurlijk ff sort uitpakken. Ging ik daarna naar Lavinia dr kamer. Toen begon ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro April 23rd 2006

The past few days have mostly been spent on the beach, sleeping and watching football. This place lives and breaths the game!! There is football on the beach, the streets and every bar you walk past has a game on. No wonder they are bloody good! Last night we went to the Maracanã Stadium to watch Fluminense vs Goais. The atmosphere was brilliant!! Massive flags, flares, drums, the lot! The home team won from a penalty taken the end we were sitting in which was great!! We have a very happy Graham today as we managed to find an English bar that was showing the West Ham game. The Lord Jim in Ipanema. Amazingly 8 or so other West Ham fans had the same idea! Typical me missed the goal as I was in the loo! ... read more
Footy mad
Mr C

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Curitiba April 23rd 2006

There isn't so much to say about Curitiba so much as there is to see. I know this: Curitiba, which was named for its copious pine trees that have since been replaced by buildings, is a paragon of urban planning excellence and is globally considered so. I adore the architecture here. Also, we spent a lot of time not doing anything, what with Eden's fever and shitting her brains out. But thanks to Aureo, his extraordinarily generous family, and the Couch Surfing Project that brought us all together, we hadn't to worry about beds or toilets. (Also, thanks to the miracle of antibiotics and Eden's ingesting of them, we'll both be in peak physical condition for Iguazu Falls on Monday. That's right, there's no reason the both of us shouldn't be perfectly healthy on Monday, for ... read more
Tubing Through Curitiba
Traffic Solution: Eliminate Cars

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais » Belo Horizonte April 22nd 2006

Bom dia! Well, I've arrived in Belo Horizonte - the flight here was a bit problematic. Atlanta was a bit stormy, and the planes couldn't get out onto the tarmac, so I ended up having my flight pushed out about 5 hours, causing me to miss my connection in Brazil. So after arriving in Sao Paulo I ended up having another 7 hour layover. In total, about 27 hours of travel. Airports are seriously wierd places - the sheer number of people and unlikelihood of ever seeing anyone again prompts a lot of spontanous conversation, if you open yourself up to it. I met a military contractor who was in Iraq, a farmer from Southern Brazil - and probably one of the nicest most peaceful people I've ever met, a retired woman from Toronto, who had ... read more

South America » Brazil » Paraná April 21st 2006

yeah yeah we haven't updated in a while, but there are good reasons: 1. this site is often down 2. we're lazy 3. we're both under the weather at the moment. sooner or later we'll get back to your regularly scheduled program. :) ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa April 21st 2006

We have made it Praia de Pipa, just south of Natal and when we were told that people come here for 2 days and stay for 2 months we scoffed a little.. we intended to only stay 2 nights.. we stayed for a week!.. ! .. it would have been longer if we didnt have a time limit to get to peru!.. Pipa is a beautiful place and after wandering the main street which is a tourist mecca and our first night making buddies with the guys that run the 'Blue bar' - a cool little bar on the main strip we settled in pretty well.. the main beach in town (that can be seen from the high street above) has a great reef break that when at high tide the locals take advantage of and ... read more
Main beach in town
cool building
waiting for the bus

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Foz do Iguaçu April 21st 2006

Since my first trip to Argentina six years ago, Iguazu Falls has always been somewhere where I wanted to visit. I remembered hearing many times that it made Niagara Falls in New York look tiny, and that it was one of the most impressive natural wonders of South America. I finally got my chance to see Iguazu Falls as the third destination in my tour of Brazil, and it didn´t disappoint. A Long Day of Travelling, and Lots of Stolen Electronics in Paraguay We left Parati for Iguazu at 9:00 AM Tuesday, and did not arrive until 11:30 AM Wednesday. That is a long day of travelling. It wasn´t supposed to be quite that long, but our first bus from Parati to São Paulo blew a flat tire an hour down the road. While we waited ... read more
Stolen Electronics Stores in Paraguay
Argentinian Side 5
Helicoptor 2

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro April 21st 2006

Well, I´ve arrived safe and sound in Rio. It´s 7.20am, it´s 20C, the sun is shining and it´s the start of the weekend! I´ve just been dropped off at the house I´ll be staying in for the next 7 weeks and it´s very nice. Rooftop terrace with jacuzzi, views of Corcovado, Sugar Loaf and the bay. It doesn´t get much better - unless I was sitting here with a beer but it´s a little early, even for me. I´m sure I´ll be getting my pasty skin down to the beach later on and tomorrow I´m off to the football at Maracana - probably looking a bit red and burnt if previous trips to the beach are anything to go by. Anyway, I´ve got the weekend off before starting work on Monday so I better make the ... read more

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