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July 9th 2012
Published: July 12th 2012
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MondayCloudy but looks better. Who cares. We decide to get a boat round to Lopes Mendes beach, voted one of top 10 in the world. After 30 min trip it's a short 15 min hike to the beach. We're not disappointed. Beautiful sand, crashing waves and jungle backdrop. After playing beach footie and a dip in the sea we chill out for a bit. Sun is trying to get through clouds. Still warm though, around 75. Decision time. Hike back or boat boat it is. Another good night around town although our fish stew (speciality) is very special indeed. Its stewed in cocoanut milk and hot spices. ...... Except the forget to add anything. At £16 to serve 2, this eases the pain slightly. Tricia happy to read book and I sit at table on beach with boys, cards and cold beer. Pretty good combinationOnly disappointment so far is no great view of the stars. That wish will have to wait for another opportunity In summer, this place would be just be incredible, compact lively town, no cars, lovely beaches and jungle treks. For us only 3 nights, tomorrow 2nd last leg of trip. Off to the Potugese colonial town of Paraty (pronounced parachi) where the worlds first diamond and gold rush started, before the one in America.


13th July 2012

Hi to all you intrepid explorers. Yes, I\'ve been following your blog since the start (Carolyn sent me an email to check). In keeping with my \'we\'re all doomed\' theme - The incubation period for malaria is 4+ weeks, so plenty of time yet to get ill. The anti-malaria drugs help - they stop symptoms from appearing for several years, so live life to the full until then. I\'m not getting you down, am I? \'Crocodile\' Kevin and \'Crocodile\' Graeme sound like a pair of wee fearties. Let\'s have some dramatic photos of them wrestling with a steak or something. See youse. Steven

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