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January 20th 2009
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Dear readers,

First of all I would like to welcome you to this travelblog. Here I will keep you updated on my life when I'm visiting a foreign country.

My exchange from NHH in Bergen(Norway) to FGV in Sao Paulo(Brazil) is the reason why this blog was created in the first place. So let me now take you through the first days of my trip.

The overall plan is easy. First I travel to Salvador and do a language course there, then I go south to Sao Paulo and do my exchange there. The trip to Salvador started out nice from snowy Grimstad the morning of 16th of January and ended in the evening the 18th of January. The trip included a very nice stop in Oslo(visiting good friends there), a stop at Heathrow, 8 hours of waiting in Sao Paulo and the crazy taxitrip from the airport in Salvador to the Barra district of Salvador. Luckily I had company from Gardemoen, from Kristian, a good friend from NHH. He will be with me most of the next half year, so get used to his name.

So now I'm in Salvador. I live in a big house on top of a hill, with almost no furniture. My room has one bed and a closet and is as small as it can get. Luckily the outside world keeps me occupied, so no need to do more than sleeping in that room! In front of the house there is a miniature "favela" with half-way-finished buildings and people dancing, drinking and sleeping at almost all hours of the day. I have to pass this area on my way to school, so lets hope that won't be any problem. Next to this, the hostess is very hospital and nice, and the house is located only a 5 min walk from the beach(we have a seaview from the balcony) and its a 10 min walk to school.

The first 24 hours have been full of activities. Kristian and I have done a sightseeing of the nearby area, we have attended a seriously intense 4 hours of portuguese class, done some shopping, chilled on the beach, eaten good food and of course enjoyed cold beers in the warm sun. The temperature at 23:00 is 27 degrees(C), so you can imagine how warm the days are. Give me 2 more days and I'll show you a serious sunburn 😉

That was far too much, so I'll stop here. I can promise that the next days will be more fun to read about !!!

Moments of the day to remember: I saw a dead rat with the size of a cat. Had a great swim in the Atlantic enjoying a great view 😉

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20th January 2009

Greetings from Finland!
Heyyyyyyyy, how nice you're writing blog from your exchange! And even better; it's in English ;) Have amazing time!! I'm just a bit jealous. Don't get sun burn :D BG, Jonna

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