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October 11th 2010
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This is home.

This is where I am living in Brasil


I was in a nearby city for lunch, and this bush was one of the interesting things that I saw to take a picture of.
So after much debate (and questioning from my mother) I decided that I should maybe actually start this blog. I have now been in Brasil for two wonderful months, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I've tried and done many things that are not available back home, and it's been such an eye opening experience. Thus far I have not traveled far away from Jales, but that will change.
Thus far in my trip I've gone to a fifteenth birthday party, which here is a very big deal, and this was extremely extravagant. I've tried Churrasco, Brazilian BBQ, multiple times. I've gotten addicted to Ice Cream, but who wouldn't with flavors like kinder egg, and Ferror Roche? Been to a Hawaiian Ball, where I apparently got my photo in the local newspaper, which I have yet to see... And many more things. This is just a shortened version of my last two months.
I've met many other exchange students now, all of the students in my Rotary district, and one not in my district. And enjoyed being around them.
I can now carry on a basic (VERY BASIC) conversation in Portuguese, and am learning more everyday, I

This is taken of a river. I am standing just inside a gate at my families "Ranch" house.
don't even take my dictionary into the city with me all the time any more!
But that's all for now, as I'm meant to be packing my bags to go to my familys farm. More to follow another day.
Tchau pessoas....

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My kind of winter...My kind of winter...
My kind of winter...

This is taken from the poolside at my families "ranch house"

This is taken from the back of my school

This is the decorations from the fifteenth birthday party I went to.

These are most of the girls in my class at school. we are sitting in gym class. In gym class we actually only play every three weeks. the other weeks the boys play and we have a classroom class.

This is a cashew tree.

At another restraunt in a nearby city there were wooden birds in the trees. I just loved them.

Best Pizza EVER. Yes that is chocolate.
City viewCity view
City view

I stayed with a different family in Rio Preto for a few days, and this is the veiw from one of their windows.
Just cool.Just cool.
Just cool.

I have n o idea what this is.
Exchange and Ice Cream.Exchange and Ice Cream.
Exchange and Ice Cream.

These are the other two Rotary students in my city. we went out for ice cream this day :D

11th October 2010

Guten Tag!
I apologize if my blog was used in convincing you to get one in a "Well, Kyle has one" way. Sounds like you're like your having a good time and not spending too much time in the classroom. Have a good one Jess!
13th October 2010

Darn you Kyle!!
Ahhh.... I'll let you take all the blame Kyle. I'm thinking that it actually didn't have anything to do with my starting the blog though :P
14th October 2010

Fresh cashews are the best! In Mozambique I even made them with my family, they brought them home just like that and then we lit them on fire till they like burst into flames, and then threw some sand on them to cool em down and after we cracked em open one by one with a stick! You should try much more enjoyable if you make em yourself, or you could buy em off the kids on the beach!
15th October 2010

I can't lie to you Brendan, I didn't actually eat those cashews... I was just posing for a picture :P But that sounds interesting.. unfortunately none of the property that my family owns that I've seen did I notice cashew trees... :( I'll have to stick to my coconut water and mangos...

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