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South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela February 8th 2017

So after a few days of chilling in the rather hot Brazilian sun and going a bit pink in places we were headed onto another bus for São Paulo. This bus journey was probably the scariest we had been on. The bus kept stopping every half an hour with people either rushing on or rushing off the bus. We were held at a military check point for ages in the dark. With the help of google translate we managed to ask a local, what the hell was going on! Turns out the people running on and off the bus were smuggling contraband and the bus company was helping them!! This continued through out the night so unfortunately no sleep for us! Having done some googling I found out São Paulo is the biggest shipping port in ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela June 13th 2014

Our Brazilian friend, Edi, drove us to the car rental agency in the southern suburbs of Sao Paulo. He also lent us a GPS involuntarily programmed to avoid the major highways!... which made it challenging to get out of the city! We left around 10am after rush hour and we quickly reached Santos and the ocean. We followed the coastal road all the way to Sao Sebastiao. Sao Paulo is surrounded by big mountains covered in lavish forests. After 10 days spent in humongous Sao Paulo, my mom was excited to get away from the city and she took in a big breath at the first beach we stopped at. The beach was so wide at low tide. Other than vultures (yes, the actual birds!), there was absolutely nobody but us on the beach. My life ... read more
our destination for a couple of days:
Best beach on the west coast of Ilhabela?
walking through the jungle to reach a beach

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela December 8th 2012

Apart from being incredibly hungry the trip from Foz back up to Sao Paolo was quite uneventful. The driver managed not to drive like a maniac, run anyone over or leave any passengers behind so that was a win. Made my way through Sao Paolo back to Andy's place. I'd planned the trip so that i'd be spending the national holiday with Andy and friends. They had arranged for us to go to Ilha Bela, or Beautiful Island, for the long weekend. It took about 3 hours driving from Sao Paolo to get to the town closest to Ilha Bela, really can't remember what it was called. The island is quite similar to Ilha Grande apparently although we were staying on the very far side of the island so didn't get a chance to see the ... read more
The beach bar
Beach fire
Private beach - we stole their beach bed

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela November 22nd 2012

The 4 hour bus from Paraty to Ihlabela was really scenic. I think I read that stretch is known as the Emerald Coast (or something similar), and for a good reason. Luscious green mountains to the right, blue water to the left. We a passed a lot of enticing little beach towns on the way - if we were driving ourselves we probably would have stopped many times, maybe for the night. But on the bus we had to just hang tight and enjoy the scenery. Ilhabela is an island (ilha means island in portuguese), reached by a short 15 minute ferry ride from Sao Sebastiao on the mainland coast. The ferry is for cars too, and is actually free for pedestrians. Luckily the ferry departs fairly close to the bus station in Sao Sebastiao so ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela March 14th 2010

Our last week in Brazil and in South America was spent in leisurely fashion except for a whirlwind trip to Iguazu Falls over the weekend. We spent a couple of days lounging around the penthouse apartment of the parents of a friend of Chuck's and totally mooching off their hospitalitly. We wandered through the Parque do Ibirapuera, had a driving tour of downtown, checked out the bar scene in Pinheiros and enjoyed the amazing view of cityscape as far as the eye could see. We went to another churrascuria as well and I worked hard at gaining back the weight I'd lost with the Typhoid Fever! On Sunday afternoon we caught a flight to Fos Iguazu in Southern Brazil and got off the plane and right on to a bus leading to the National Park (we'd ... read more
Black swans in Parque do Ibirapuera in Sao Paolo
Swan grazing
Rachel can finally have a caipirinha!

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela December 18th 2009

Wij zien hier aanbeland op Ilhabela, een eilandje ergens bij Sao Paulo, Ilhabela wil dus 'mooi eiland' zeggen, maar het is helemaal niet zo mooi... Het werd beschreven als eiland met idylische stranden, watervallen, vlinders,... de stranden zijn klein en niet zo mooi, de meest bezochte waterval is de Cachoeira de Toca en we hebben hem gedoopt tot de Toca-pisser, omdat het echt ne zielige kleine waterval is met ne pisstraal. Verder zitten er hier uitzonderlijk een paar grote vlinders, maar voor de rest zit dat hier vol met agressieve muggen die lijken op fruitvliegjes, maar als ze je steken, bloedt die wonde direct. Je zit heel de dag muggenrepellent te spuiten en nog steken die, om gek van te worden. Maw. dit eiland is helemaal niet wat we verwacht hadden, mede waarschijnlijk omdat het nog ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela October 16th 2008

One week down and Í´m still unmugged and and whole lot of other things unned! So this is how it's been, the first week I spent with Nick (Oz) and Cheech and Chong aka Bruno and Adriano- two potheads as unlike the most trustworthy bankers as you could meet. As luck would have it I landed in brazils version of springbreak - what can i say - i sambaed ´play guitar broke a string,and a few other bits. Couldn't get up the next day which was just as well as my skin is bubbling. I´ve moved on to Ihla bella´ hired a bike with no gears - what can i say Gar, the mode of dress is a bikini, forget paved roads the roads are paved with uneven paving slabs :) Treked to waterfall today´smeared my ... read more
Surfing on MAresias beach
CAchoeira d Toca
 a cafe in pereque

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela October 7th 2008

Day2 - Day0 and 1 was lively enough - there was plenty turbulence which made for an interesting flight - how those things stay u p with that battering I´ll never work out. I narrowly missed getting a voluntary off load payment of 600 euro and hotel +meals in heathrow becuse my bag was in transit - what a pain! 288 for an open return to SA would have been class - I wouldn´t have minded as my check in bagage could have travelled on RyanAir it was so light. Day 1 I managed to get in and out of Sao Paolo without incident ( the roads seem more dangerous than the insects and diseases There were two recent wrecks on the journey- two buses and about 5 hours later I was in this little place ... read more

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela June 3rd 2008

Arriving at the bus terminal in São Paulo I had only a vague idea of where I was headed. I figured I would just take whatever bus left first heading towards the northern Paulista coast. So I boarded a bus to IlhaBela, an island known for its natural beauty and loads of mosquitoes. I arrived at eleven that evening with no idea of where I was going to sleep. I knew the city of Ilhabela was quite expensive and figured I might just head to a beach and the spend night on the sand. Luckily for me I met a friendly Brazilian girl who offered me a room and even better yet her friend offered me dinner which I graciously accepted. The next day I loaded up my bag with food and supplies and headed over ... read more
Leafy Bug

South America » Brazil » São Paulo » Ilhabela May 13th 2005

Ok so this is not going to be your typical travellers blog. On the 9th April 2005 me and Gina got married on the Ilha Bela. As a lot of our friends and family couldnt make the journey to Brazil we thought that we would add this diary so that we could tell you about the most perfect of days. Where to start , all the planning , preparing , and worrying paid off in style. The day went perfectly. We booked a small chapel on the beach (Praia Grande) on Ilha Bela which was decorated beautifully, Gina turned up (which was an absolute bonus!) and looked sensational , the weather held (and we had been promised thunderstorms) which meant the whole setting with the church, the sand and the sea looked better than we thought ... read more
Getting Ready
The Groom Waiting,
The Arrival

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