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October 7th 2008
Published: October 7th 2008
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Day2 -
Day0 and 1 was lively enough - there was plenty turbulence which made for an interesting flight - how those things stay u p with that battering I´ll never work out. I narrowly missed getting a voluntary off load payment of 600 euro and hotel +meals in heathrow becuse my bag was in transit - what a pain! 288 for an open return to SA would have been class - I wouldn´t have minded as my check in bagage could have travelled on RyanAir it was so light.
Day 1 I managed to get in and out of Sao Paolo without incident ( the roads seem more dangerous than the insects and diseases There were two recent wrecks on the journey- two buses and about 5 hours later I was in this little place (Maresias) that Henry found on the web on saturday night - didn´t have a chance to check it out til I got into Sao Paolo 😊 About 40 minutes down the road is Ihlabella which Dan has recommended - after that I´ll turn back and start heading south.
It´s been raining since I got here but it´s warm - hopefully I´ll see some sun soon but it´s been like this for the last 3 weeks ;(

That´s it for now - I´ll learn about phot upload soon - forgive the spelling´the keyboard is all over the place!


9th October 2008

Sounds like you paid about as much attention to all of your flying lessons as you did to any of your diving courses.

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