Published: March 22nd 2014
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Arrived fresh from a 12 hour bus from Sao Paulo at 8.00am which had turned out to be another good overnight bus journey, not the most comfortable but fine. A word for people travelling on buses overnight in Brazil. It gets freezing in the middle of the night. Like uncomfortably cold if you have t-shirt, shorts and flip flops on like I did. I will have a jumper in the bag from now on (like Alex intelligently did and I tried to steal when she was asleep).

We walked a few hundred metres to the local bus terminal to catch a bus out to the Campeche area of Florianópolis and our hostel, Green House. Approx R$25 a night for 6 bed dorm. The instructions said to ask the driver's assistant to tell us when we passed Pau de Canela so we could get off and walk the last 400m to the hostel. Alex asked the guy and he seemed to understand and said yes. The bus set off at the usual mental Brazilian pace. Alex thought she recognised a bakery that was on the alternative directions to the hostel but as the driver's assistant hadn't said anything we assumed we hadn't passed Pau de Canela. We stayed on the bus for another 10 mins (the bus can cover quite a distance in this time) before Alex's unease had risen to a level where she thought she should ask again. He rudely said it was back there so we got off ASAP. This still left us with a 45 minute walk back with all our stuff on our backs. Backpack face was well and truly on and the drivers assistant was called every name under the sun! Florianópolis was also the hottest stop of our trip so far and even though it was 9.45am the temperature was in the late 20's. Pouring with sweat we made it to the hostel and dropped our bags. Orlando the receptionist was really helpful and pointed out everything we neeeded.

There didn't really seem much to do in Florianópolis and as we were tired from the hike and bus etc we chilled around the hostel, exhibiting an appalling standard of pool, playing cards and later going in the pool. There was a BBQ at the hostel for R$20 per person as it was Saturday so we signed up. The BBQ was delicious with a large variety of salad, rice, chicken, beef, pork and sausages available. I went up for 3 plates worth and Alex was painfully full.

The next day we woke in the hottest room in the world - the hostel certainly lived up to its name ´Green House´. No air con and people in our room didn´t seem to want the fan on, as it was very loud so we didn´t want to stick it on at 6am either. The weather was nice so we walked the 15 min to the beach. It was a lovely beach and must have been miles long. The surf was really good so we could jump around like idiots in the waves (much more fun than bobbing around in blue sea). The waves were probably 20% bigger than a good day at Rest Bay, Porthcawl. The 2nd time we went in I had felt something against my skin every now and then, but I didn´t want to alarm Alex who was now very much enjoying getting knocked around by the waves. Alex then said she had felt some strange things as well but we both agreed it was seaweed. However, looking around we realised that there were hundreds of jellyfish floating around us. They were only 5cm in diameter and didn´t seem to be stinging us but we did the classic high knees run out of the sea. When we got on dry land Alex had got a small cut on her heel, nothing bad but the realisation and run out had caused much amusement. Pasta was for tea although on opening the bag we had another brush with nature - the bag was heaving with weavils! As it was late on a Sunday we feared nothing would be open and traipsed around for 40 odd mins looking for a shop (this was because Alex hadnt listened to directions and took us the wrong way) until we ended up in the bakery which luckily sold a few basic essentials too.

We had a 15 hour bus to Foz do Iguaçu booked for the next day at 3pm, so we spent the morning booking hostels for stops further on in the trip and got to bus station in plenty of time. I wandered into the city bit of Florianópolis to avoid crazy prices in the bus station (it was over a pound for a can of coke which is scandalous for Brazil) and it was nice, but just seemed like high street shops arranged in blocks.

We probably would have cut this stop out of our trip but it was a relic of the panic at Heathrow to book a bus out of Brazil so we thought we would use it. Florianópolis is a nice beach place and we met people there who had stayed a week and loved it. Relaxing on the beach and whiling away days isn´t really what we´re looking for so maybe that´s why we didn´t enjoy it as much as most.


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