leaving brazil

Published: March 3rd 2014
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I cant quite beleive it has been 1 month since I left the UK. Looking back over this blog I am so glad that I wrote things down, even when sometimes it felt like a chore, because I have seen so many things, experienced so much and had so much fun it really does feel like a whirlwind, and with moving constantly sometimes the lines can become blurred. I havent felt homesick yet which is good but I suppose it is still early. I have missed certain home comforts and have wished I could have Phoebe on my lap many a day but I am enjoying myself and am happy.

There are always challenges and things to overcome but me and Gary are getting on well and any feuds are generally short lived. My tablet and wifi has been a godsend, if it werent for these devices keeping in touch and doing this blog would be near impossible. Knowing I can speak to my family or friends whenever has probably not let the " im so far away from home!" thing kick in. Perhaps that and the fact that i dont feel like I am that far away. That might sound strange but often we comment that we could quite easily be in southern Europe, things arent all that different. Rio probably felt the most south american, but moving south things feel more european, and terminating in Chile I think this feeling will only grow!

Sitting at the bus station heading to Porto Alegre, before arriving to Punta del Este in Uruguay, I dont know what awaits me, but I know I will miss Brazil. The people have been lovely, warm and friendly. People have respect for their elders, their family and are family orientated. The weather has been lovely, except from Rios exorbitant heat, and I surprised myself by loving the local cuisines. Looking at a map of Brazil it is amazing how far I have travelled yet how little I have seen of this huge huge country

. Brazil, it has been pleasure


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