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November 23rd 2013
Published: November 23rd 2013
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On our first morning in Barra De Lagoa, Florianopolis we had breakfast and headed to the beach with Manchester Dan from our room. The sun was shining, the weather was sweet and we met a group of people from the hostel down there too. We chilled in the sea, played a bit of football and then i had my first ever attempt at surfing. After trying to teach myself, Ewan from our hostel came and gave me some tips and a bigger surfboard and i was off! I managed to catch 'El Nino' and stood up riding the wave all the way to the beach, it was actually a small wave but i felt empowered. Happy with my new self proclaimed 'surfer' tag i retired as the board had rubbed most of the skin off my nipples! That night we bought a bottle of Camelinha, real nasty local spirit that cost us 90p for half a litre, drank it at the hostel but no parties were kicking off so we stayed in.

The second day we had a pretty lazy day and a big group of us ended up watching a film at the hostel, then went for a kickabout and a swim down the beach. It was Mexican night at the hostel so we had food and a few drinks and then headed to the Reggae club. It was really good to start with as a good band were playing but an awful band played after them. We still enjoyed the night, had a laugh and didn't get home until about half 3.

Feeling pretty hungover the next day we decided to get the bus to the local town in Lagoa to get some dollars as we heard on the black market in Argentina you could get nearly double the exchange rate if you had dollars rather than getting money out of the cash machine, apparently it's something to do with the Argentine Peso not being very strong so they all want dollars. Simon from Leeds and Dan both came with us but all of us failed miserably, we couldn't get any dollars and Simon and Dan's cards didn't work at the cash machines. We accepted defeat and instead ended up buying 3 litres of vodka for just over 2 pound a bottle, some cheap horrible stuff! That afternoon the hostel sorted out a booze cruise so around 20 of us signed up. The boat wasn't the best but we had lots of vodka so i was happy. The waves were too big to go around the coast so instead we headed up the river to a huge lake at Lagoa where we all jumped off the roof of the boat into the lake. Back on the boat we all had a group photo and i was stood on the roof with Pete sat on the edge, so i did what all normal, immature lads do and dropped my balls on his shoulder just as they took the photo... Everybody was in stitches and the photo was then passed around everyone on the boat to see, all good fun! Back at the hostel we had a big BBQ and carried on partying and drinking there, rather than going out. I was absolutely wasted and ended saying to a Brazilian guy 'Your name, go' and when he responded i then said 'Your dirty name, GO!' After that i passed out in the communal area.

In the morning i woke up and had somehow made it back into my room. The Spanish girls looked at me a bit funny and laughed and then Simon told me i had something on my face so i went to the toilet and washed my face, still without looking in the mirror. I then went for breakfast and the whole group was buzzing off me, turns out they had all abused me the night before when i passed out, drawing a cock, mono brow and mustache on me! They showed me photos and videos from the previous night and it had me in stitches, my only response was 'Good work everyone'. It was really windy and cloudy so we all chilled at the hostel having banter, we had such a good group of people and a great mix as well. That night we went out with Loch who worked at the hostel, Laura, Dan, Simon and Freeman. We went to Confreria Club which was rubbish at first. However, a crazy samba band then played live which got everyone dancing and it was good fun. Freeman then fell to sleep standing up leaning on the balcony so he headed back with Dan and me and Simon stayed out. Loch and Laura back doored it which left me and Simon throwing shapes on the dancefloor as another samba band played.

We were shattered in the morning but made it to breakfast, packed our bags and went down the beach, it was absolutely rammed as it was a Brazilian holiday so we ended up playing football volleyball on the pitch, a lot harder than we realised when we had the idea. After failing miserably we went back to the hostel, showered and headed to Florianopolis to get dollars and our bus to Iguazu. The traffic was at a standstill so the one hour journey actually took us 2hrs 45mins so we had to go straight to the bus station, luckily we had left so early that we just made our bus, which was expected to be another 17 hour journey! Me, Dan, Freeman, Colm, Rachael and Abbi were all on the same bus which was good but the bus was horrific so us 4 boys all sat together at the back and the girls just stayed in the middle. We played games on Dan's iPad and then about 11pm tried to sleep. Everyone got to sleep but i was struggling. Colm went and sat with his mrs Rachael so i had two seat to myself, that was until a Brazilian woman asked to come and sit with me because she had this massively overweight, underwashed, generally minging bloke next to her invading her personal space. When he coughed, which was every two minutes, he sounded like he was about to die! I finally got a bit of sleep but in the morning we found out we were running 5 hours late! The journey ended up taking us 22 hours!!

I was actually quite sad to have left Florianopolis as the hostel was great and we had an amazing group of friends there. However, we had now arrived in Iguazu and i was going to see one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, buzzing!

Ps apologies for the lack of photos the camera is broken and i don't dare take my phone out on nights out, but i will try to add the pictures of me with the penis on my face when they send me it!!


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