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South America » Brazil » Roraima » Boa Vista July 10th 2010

After more meat filled deep fried rubbish for breakfast (this time, the traditional Venezuelan "arepa") everyone on the bus disembarked except for us and another couple, the only people destined for Brazil. We soon stopped for a "20 minute" bus clean, which of course turned into an hour. Chris and I were glad of the chance to elevate our swollen ankles on a street bench, after having been sitting down for 14 hours so far. The lunch stop was designated at 5 minutes which turned into 30, and then we drove once around the block and returned to the same spot, where we were told to switch to another bus. Five minutes later we were put back on the original bus and set off. No explanation. Not able to eat lunch yet as had no Brazilian ... read more

South America » Brazil » Roraima » Boa Vista September 7th 2009

My last day in Venezuela I awoke happy because I was in a comfortable bed, the sun was rising, and I could hear the birds singing outside. The sadness and pain of realising I had said goodbye to my new dear friends, not knowing when I would see them again, wouldn’t hit me until just a little later. The first thing I saw when I got up was a pink piece of toilet paper on my floor. It was a note from my Maracaibo boys, saying “take care my friend, hopefully we’ll see you soon. Have an amazing life experience!! Antonio and Carlos, and then their emails. It filled my heart with gladness that they had thought of me one more moment before they left. I would really miss those guys... I got up and ate ... read more
my place at kacio's
my place at kacio's

South America » Brazil » Roraima » Boa Vista August 13th 2007

The big bus drove off the barge and thru knee-high water before rolling to a stop on the red brick road. We showed the tickets we had pre-purchased in Georgetown and got on after the other passengers. Through the big glass window we waved to Matthew, Verlene and Anthony (see Iwokrama blog). They had come to see us off. The objective was simple: to bus from Kurupukari to Lethem and then cross over the Takatu River to Bonfim in Brazil. If all went well, we could catch the last bus to Boa Vista - a bigger city. It would be a tough trip but we were up to it. After a quick immigration stop and check at the first of Iwokrama's two ranger stations, we drove for another two hours thru the fantastic Iwokrama forest. Along ... read more
The drop off at Lethem
'Border crossing'
Geraldine & Shanna

South America » Brazil » Roraima » Boa Vista June 8th 2007

Despite having met numerous cabocos (the more modern, civilised Indians of the Amazon), we were still curious to see if we could visit a true Amazon Indian tribe, but were extremely disappointed to find out that this was impossible as they are ardently protected by the 2 Brazilian government agencies, FUNAI and IBAMA. Everyone told us it was strictly prohibited, and that to visit a tribe we would need to be either Christian missionaries or medical researchers, and would need to get permission from Brasilia up to 6 months in advance. So things weren’t looking good, until one guy gave us something that sounded a bit more optimistic. He said: “Maybe it’s possible, but you’re gonna need Pablo Diego Sousa*.” So we met up with Pablo at our hotel the next day, but it still didn’t ... read more
Yanomami In The City
Yanomami In The City

South America » Brazil » Roraima » Boa Vista April 9th 2007

09/04/2007. I'm bored of having a plan, plus I'm way behind schedule now anyway, so let's play a game. I am in Boa Vista, northern Brazil and want to be in Cuzco, Peru in 10 days or so. There are several routes I could take, most of which would be more or less the same in terms of time and money. I could head north towards Angel Falls, or south towards the Amazon river. From these, more options open up. I have no real preference. I was going to roll a dice or toss to decide, but I thought it would be more fun to open it out to the readers to decide. I'll give choices as I go along and first to reply on my blog comment page choses my next destination. OK, to ... read more
Chasing waterfalls
La Gran Sabana
Rough or smooth?

South America » Brazil » Roraima » Boa Vista August 1st 2005

Although Caracas wasn't at all appealing, after some time travelling you start appreciating different things and the usual turist stuff is not that interesting anymore. I think that's why I enjoyed the five days I stayed there, in spite of the ugly place. Eva was still too weak to take care of herself, so I stayed longer than I had originally planned. She was going to fly back to the Netherlands on July 31. We went back to the doctor several times to take more tests and by the time I left, on the 30th, she was a lot better. I had two options to get to Brazil from Caracas. There is a convenient and comfortable direct bus, with bed-like seats (buscama), but it would go through the south of Venezuela and north of Brazil, areas ... read more

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