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September 1st 2011
Published: September 3rd 2011
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Rob Writes

Trying to piece together the last few days has been difficult due to the sheer amount we have done. I wasn’t sure where to start writing from and what to write about, but I’m going to go back to when I actually felt this trip was ‘happening’. In my head it all started when I turned off my Xbox at about midnight on the 31th of August. Tina and I had to tear the house to pieces and box it up, in order to take it to Tina’s mums the next day. Playing Black Ops until midnight wasn’t a good idea. We were still dealing with the house at about 3:30am, at which point we threw in the towel and went to bed.

We were up at about 8am, boxed up the last few things and started making trips to Tina’s Mum’s where everything was to be stored while we were away. Yes, a double mattress does fit into the back of a Fiesta...just. We then treated ourselves to a KFC and met up with good pal and fellow Black Ops comrade (Colin) to say our goodbyes. We then left the flat keys and headed to Louse and Billy’s house (just some people we know :P) where we would be spending our last night in the UK. They also kindly offered to take us to the Airport the next day. The last night wasn’t too bad and we weren’t feeling too nervous, at least we got some sleep. I would just like to award Magic (Louise and Billy’s cat) for being the noisiest bugger on the planet. I will never shout at Bleep again.

So, up at 6:45am on the 1st September. It’s my birthday is 19 days and I think it is important you all know. Anyway, before I knew it we were stood in Glasgow Airport where a small crowd had gathered to wish us farewell, which consisted of the following people; Kirsten, Dan, Max, Louise, Billy, Nathan and Lorraine. Thank you all for coming, it was very good to see you all right up until the point of no return. We appreciated it very much, only it made leaving that little bit harder.

About two hours later we were being fired towards London, and then onto Brazil. I had a freak out on the plane to London, which I’m ashamed to admit, this freak out was that bad I had to turn down my breakfast on the plane. I’m regretting that quite a lot now but I guess it’s one of those things you just have to live with. Meanwhile while I was having my freak out during the flight, Tina was more than happy and very optimistic while she sat there eating her breakfast... the cow.

By the time we got to Heathrow I had settled down. We then spent all of our time between flights trying to track down a Krispy Kreme. I say we, but really I was just following Tina around like a spare wheel while she tried to get her Krispy hit.

The flight to Rio went quite quickly considering it was nearly 11 hours. We both watched the film ‘Rio’ together, which was alright... I guess. Tina started watching ‘Bridesmaids’ which she liked while I got stuck into Fast Five, which was set in Rio too! I’m not sure the film is that accurate. I’ve been here for two days now and I can confirm I have not seen Vin Diesel driving fast cars, nor does everyone who lives in a Favela go topless holding an AK47 in front of their 6-pack. I suppose there is still time though.

We had landed, 11 hours later and still feeling quite fresh (Tina wasn’t though). We were then taken to our hostel by a chap in an MPV at mach 2. If I knew this was going to happen I wouldn’t have been nervous about the flight beforehand. Anyway, we arrived safe and sound and by this point we were ready for bed.

We were lead to our 6 bed dorm, which only had 1 other person in it! Excellent! Although the hostel was quite noisy until about 2am and the guy next to us was snoring loudly. Tina sorted this one out by shaking his bed until he stopped. She’s a bit crazy when she can’t sleep. At 2:30am the other chap then left the dorm taking all his belongings with him. Probably because Tina attacked him, it wouldn’t be the first time. With a dorm to ourselves we got to sleep for the night, quite looking forward to the next day.

What a day though. It’s been... I don’t actually know how to describe it. We’ve had every kind of emotion/feeling possible in the last 48 hours and still going. We will update you soon 😉


4th September 2011

It all sounds super exciting but nerve racking so far. How's the jetlag? I had it when I went to Canada and felt really spaced out and weird for days.

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