Rio De Janeiro

Published: July 6th 2010
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We set off from Iguazu stopping in Curitiba for one night before heading to Paraty, as I said in last blog a beach resort 4 hours outside Rio.

We arrived early evening so only had time for some dinner check into hostel and a few drinks before going to bed. Chris (Norway) and I were sharing a room and as they only had couples doubles left we ended up having 3 rooms joined together with 11 beds! lol

Following day we had booked a Caipirinha boat trip, a short trip along the beaches being served Caipirinhas all day, Caipirinha is the Brazilian national alcoholic cocktail made from Cacha├ža, sugar and lime, very moreish!

We had to walk 20 mins into town to get the boat, a small hippyish affair with just us on it. The boat took us to several stops where we could swim, snorkel, jump off the boat or just chill on the boat. At one place we floated around on sponge floaty sticks and drunk Caipirinhas!

They hooked up a barbecue to the back of the boat and served a great buffet barby yum yum! After eating, more Caipirinhas and some more dips in the sea we headed back to town for about six, we were all a bit worse for wear!

Next couple of days as we were just across the road from the beach we just chilled on the beach, other than popping back to the hostel to watch the world cup games. I became a German supporter after losing a bet with Flo the german! (after we lost that is!)

Of course when Brazil won convincingly over Chile there were more Brazilian street parties!

We stayed in Paraty for four nights before finally heading to our final destination Rio de Janeiro. We arrived just after lunch and were staying near Copacabana beach for our last night of the GAP Quito to Rio Overland tour. We went out for our last meal together to a brazilian barbecue buffet, loads of meat again! yum.

Next morning a few of them went hand gliding over Rio, nutters! Was bit expensive for 15 mins in the air and not my cup of tea!

Six of us headed off to another hostel in the morning, in Leblon. A few stayed in the same hotel and another two went to some other prebooked hostels. A few people were heading home after Rio but others like myself were continuing their travels.

The hostel was only one block from Leblon beach which was fab with some great surf waves which were quite frightening when they threw you upside down head first into the sand!

Next day we met up with all the gappers and went on a minibus City tour, seeing Christ the Redeemer (did not realise only constructed 1926), The Sugar Loaf (named cos of its shape and was in a James Bond movie!) a dodgy looking Cathedral and a few other sights!

On the way down from Christ the Redeemer we saw a sloth crossing the road!

On the friday we headed back to Copacabana beach to watch the Brazil Netherlands game. They had a "compound" FIFA Fun Fest, set up on the beach but it was full (held 20,000) but they had another big screen facing out to the beach, it was an amazing atmosphere, the people counter said 97,000 people!) There were guys walking thru the crowd selling ice cold beers, was cool.

Shame they lost as it would have been one hell of a party and we could have come back to the beach again for the match.

After four nights in this Leblon hostel Mike, Sarah and myself headed out to another hostel further out of town as would be quieter and cheaper! Norway was heading home after his 12 months travels, Flo heading to Canadia and Charlie had already flown home after the Brazil game.

The hostel seems cool, is a large house being used as a hostel so has a big garden to chill in and only one block from the beach again, they also rent surf boards and give surf lessons so have booked some surf lessons. Surf looks amazing again.

We have booked in here for nine nights as Mike and Sarah are setting off to South Africa for some prebooked volunteer work. I have until the 25th, another 12 nights after, not sure if to stay here or try somewhere else, will wait and see!

Have been writing blogs every week as been doing so much but will reduce now as just chilling, maybe every couple weeks or so.

Been travelling for five calendar months now and have done and seen some amazing things during my travels. I am looking forward to arriving in some English speaking countries though! Hit NZ in their spring so weather gonna be a bit English! Although I know you been having some good summer weather.

Bye for now......


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7th July 2010

What gr8 timing Marc and a real shame they lost (for you) keep up the good work LOL must be real hard on you. Also in the "on the beach" picture are u the nice brown one with the bad back or the teapot? answers on a postcard. Speak soon
7th July 2010

Yes i am the chocolate teapot! After a wave threw my headi into the sand and flipped me! Aggravated my mountainbike I jury. Larf

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