Rio again

Published: April 3rd 2012
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train to Christ the Redeemer
Down for breakfast by 7.45am following which we took our laundry to the nearest lavanderia (for the last time!)

We walked to the bus stop and took another local bus to Corcovado (the hill where the statue of Christ is). We arrived at 10.15pm to be advised that due to the throngs of tourists, the next available train to the top was 11.20 but by the time we reached the front of the queue to pay, the next available train was 11.40am. The only trouble with the tourist attractions are the innumerable tourists!!

The train made its way to the top (a pleasant wooded journey. Everyone piled out and massed by the monument and railings to take pictures. We joined the throng and took a couple of photos overlooking Rio (from the other side) and a photo of the statue. There was nothing really to do up there other than look at the view so we made our way back down again. It was all a very slow process as there was another half-hour wait for a train to the bottom.

Caught the local bus back to Copacabana and went back to our hotel for a swim on

The statue of 'Christ the Redeemer' plus trainloads of tourists
the roof.

After a shower and collecting our nice clean laundry, we decided to try out the Metro and took a train to the Flamengo area where we walked back to the restaurant we had gone to with the Dragoman group two nights before as the sushi was so good.

After dinner, we took the Metro back to the end of our road, walked down to the hotel, updated our blog, gulped some ice cold water as it is so hot here and went to bed.


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