Rain in Rio

Published: May 13th 2011
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La Boca, Buenos AiresLa Boca, Buenos AiresLa Boca, Buenos Aires

The colourful houses in this old district are famous
Hi all,

Don´t believe that Rio and other exotic places are always sunny! It´s poured buckets today - yet still been warm.

Yesterday we had a great time wandering around the street markets in the central district - Steve bought yet more cheap reading glasses (so that whenever he loses a pair, there are still more to hand). I bought a rather flouncy gypsy-style dress - most unlike me, but I guess Rio is bringing out the flamboyant side!

And then last night we had the best ever charroscaria - Brazilian BBQ, with meat served on skewers at a pretty fast rate. Absolutely delicious. But we made a mistake: we decided to try a caiphirina (nb it may be spelt completely differently to this!). Afraid that it might be horribly alcoholic, I tried only a sip. I was right: it is horribly alcoholic, and tastes like a really, REALLY good marguerita. So after dinner we went and sat at one of the very smart modern kiosks on Copacobana Beach (I know! sounds so much like a bad novel!) and had another couple. Well, Steve did - and suffered accordingly (like I said, REALLY alcoholic). I had one and
Steve at the Iguazu FallsSteve at the Iguazu FallsSteve at the Iguazu Falls

These waterfalls - a whole series of cascades over 2km wide - are absolutely spectacular from both the Argentinian and Brazilian side.
suffered not a whit (smugly). (S: Yes I suffered but I can't thinmk of many better things thn sitting on a beach in Rio, sipping a good drink, listening to a guy play decent guitar and watching the world go by !!)

Today we jumped on a bus to head out of town to a large - very large - shopping mall in a bid to avoid the rain. Interesting, but not that great. The journey was interesting and we understand now why the bus service is called express - all the drivers think they are related to Ayrton Senna.
By the afternoon we we able to explore Ipanema on foot. More laid back and somewhat upmarket compared to Copacabana althought the beach is not as well equipped. Both have acres of clear white sand - all illuminated at night for Beach volleyball, sand soccer etc. All great fun to watch at least. Add in the the various extravagant sand castles and the people in all sorts of shpes and sizes. We have seen the drop dead gorgeous and those that just hink they are ......

Tomorrow we will start to do the sights proper, subject to weather.
Coatis look for their next mealCoatis look for their next mealCoatis look for their next meal

Coatis are the emblem of the Iguazu Falls. One juvenile spooted Steve´s backpack whhile he was takign a picture - and within nanoseconds the whole pack were in there, snuffling around
As we write this it is dry and mild so we are hopeful.

Just a long weekend ahead before we start for home!

See you soon

Cathy and Steve

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Cathy - still at Iguazu ..Cathy - still at Iguazu ..
Cathy - still at Iguazu ..

We saw whole rainbows, birds flying around in the mists and loads of stunnind butterflies

15th May 2011

Hi Steve and Cathy, have a good and safe journey back. Iguaza Falls look amazing. Sounds like you're in a novel we'd all like to be in! Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it, Mara xx

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