World Cup - Drive to Rio De Janero

Published: June 20th 2014
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The distance is approximately 430km And travel time 5 to 6 hours. Getting out of São Paulo was a bit of at nightmare. Even at 6am the traffic was pretty bad and the signage was not good. even with a gps we still took some wrong turns. It took a lot to keep it together without getting overtly frustrated. Once on the motorway it was a lot better. On arrival in Rio the gridlock and graffiti were not good signs and everyone's thoughts were centered on the accommodation And the neighbourhood. But as we got into the city all spirits were lifted by the cleanliness of the streets. The traffic was still gridlocked and I needed to reach into the far recesses of my memory and pull out my driving skills gained in South Africa, indicate and edge forward. Not knowing which were bus land we felt a bit like being in the land of giants as e were surrounded by buses. We eventually found someone who helped us find the hotel as there was no access to the alley by car. What a relief.

First things first, unpacked and found a pub downstairs with a great atmosphere to watch the game. The beers were cold and the ladies were given generous serves of vodka( 3 or 4 shots to a glass) which they needed to dilute to drink.

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