Loafing Around

Published: April 2nd 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

So last night i ended up getting back at gone 4am and i only slept till 10am and so it will catch up with me eventually, this morning me and Colin discussed going to sugarloaf and another guy sam wanted to tag along and eventually when the english girls woke up they wanted to tag along.

So eventually we headed out about 2pm and so the morning had been lost, well thats whats happens if you drink...hehe, before we headed out to Sugarloaf Mountain i nipped to the local American Airlines office to see if the was a flight to Lima from Rio to save the hassle tomorrow, but the is only a flight from Sao Paulo so it will be a long day tomorrow.

So we headed on the local bus to Sugarloaf and the girls took the 35 real cable car ride and me and the guys heard the was a free hike up to some good views and as it was free we decided to try that, it was a steep hike and not worth the foort and in the end the girls said it was a great view and worth the money and so me and Colin went up and by the then the sun was setting and we got some cool piccys and saw cute monkeys up there too.

My camera battery started running out and i did not have my spare and Colin has a canon camera aswell and so after he took a pic id borrow his battery and then hand back and so on.

The cable car has been going since 1912 and even JFK visited and used it and the cars in use now are 30 years old, maybe they should change them?, we headed back to the hostel and i had pasta and the others had the bbq tonight.

Then we had a few drinks in the bar and played cards and i then turned in and said my goodbyes to all the folk id met at the hostel.

Im now just looking for a cheap hostel in Lima, i think maybe three nights there and then head down country.

Id say sugarloaf is deffinetly worth visiting😊

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