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January 29th 2008
Published: February 2nd 2008
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We finally got to Paraty, a beautiful colonial town by the ocean, after catching two coaches. First stop was Curitiba then Sao Paulo and then finally Paraty. There was no way I was getting back on the cattle truck the tour uses so two of us booked a coach. We were told by various bus lines that there was a direct bus every hour from Curitiba to Sao Paulo but that was not the case. We had to wait at the Sao Paulo bus terminal for eight hours. We were warned that the Sao Paulo bus terminal is one of the most dangerous in the world but we were fine. Some of the young men were obvious in their staking out of your luggage but we kept ours close to us.

Our hotel in Paraty was beautiful. The campsite the others stayed at was disgraceful. It was chockers full of other tour trucks and the rain caused many tents to flood. Most of the tour group ended up upgrading to nearby hotels. They looked miserable and who could blame them.

We went on a boat trip around several islands but the weather was miserable so we didn´t get to see the islands like they´re pictured on postcards. But you could imagine how pretty the water and mountains would look in perfect weather. Of course the next day the weather was perfect.

Next stop: Rio de Janeiro and Carnaval!!


6th May 2008

hello there! that is amazing, my girlfriend and i arrived in Sao Paulo a day after you then traveled to Curitiba but by flight We also went to carnival! AMAZING hahaha! Any who, can i ask a few questions? how much was the bus to Curitiba around? and how hard and what did you do to get to the Sao Paulo bus terminal? thank you so much! i am just wanting to go back in july, but i am wanting to save money this time hehe. cheers

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