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December 23rd 2019
Published: February 23rd 2020
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There is a chunk of Finland hidden in Rio De Janeiro State Over Christmas and New Year we went to Brazil for two weeks. Brazil is a huge country so we only had time to roam around a little bit in Rio de Janeiro State. Here we are going to write about what we saw during those days of this trip when we rented a car and drove around the state. Arraial do Cabo We started this trip in Arra... Read Full Entry

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Paraty historical city centreParaty historical city centre
Paraty historical city centre

Paraty historical city centre has cobbled streets, low houses with whitewashed walls and green, blue or yellow doors and jambs.
Church in Paraty historical city centreChurch in Paraty historical city centre
Church in Paraty historical city centre

Paraty historical city centre has churches, of course
Paraty historical city centreParaty historical city centre
Paraty historical city centre

Paraty is located on the coast a few hours drive west of Rio de Janeiro.
Paraty historical city centreParaty historical city centre
Paraty historical city centre

Paraty is one of our favourite places that we visited on this road trip
Private boatsPrivate boats
Private boats

Private boats in Paraty harbour

One of the beaches we visited on a boat tour we took from Paraty

We took a boat trip from Paraty. They feed the fish, that's why there are so many of them.
Bangu statue of Liberty Bangu statue of Liberty
Bangu statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty that can be seen in Bangu supposedly is "an original copy".
Accidents with oysters?Accidents with oysters?
Accidents with oysters?

The sign says that accidents with oysters are common. Whatever that means...
That's cuteThat's cute
That's cute

When the dogs on the balcony put their heads through the holes they interact with the picture

23rd February 2020

Love the umbrellas!
25th February 2020

Glad you noticed that photo
There are a lot of mediocre photos in this blog. But I am glad you noticed one of the few I actually think is pretty good. /Ake
24th February 2020

I've only heard good things about this place, and your photos back this up. How did you go with lingua Portuguesa? I don't find it as easy as some other romance languages (despite having Portuguese heritage!)... I must try harder :)
25th February 2020

Handwaiving, English and Google Translate
Our Potuguese is almost non-existing. As always, English helps you out to some extent. Handwaiving and making signs we could use of course. Google Translate is awesome when you are desperate. But best of all works something as simple as a smile. /Ake
24th February 2020

Loved your Tarzan Waterfall video
Love all your pictures, especially your videos. I have been experiencing difficulty placing video in my own blogs and wonder if you would mind helping me please? I have followed the instructions but with no luck. Can you write directly to my email?
25th February 2020

I'll try to help you
I'll do my best to help you. I'll write an email. /Ake
24th February 2020
That's cute

Running in Brasil
With Rio being the host of the last Olympics...really looking forward to news with photos whether the Ake Och Emma Swedish Half Marathon aka Running Team made their country proud!
25th February 2020
That's cute

Oh, thanks!
We did some running on our own. There will actually be a blog featuring a few Running in Brazil-photos and a lot of other Running in Randon Places-pics later this year. But, alas, we couldn't find any race we could attend on this trip. There was one in Sao Paulo on December 31. But we also wanted to be in Rio on the same day for New Year and there was no time to squeeze in both. Btw, I see that you made to the end of the blog post and found the funny/cute photo that, whenever we have one, we try to put last. It is adorable, isn't it? /Ake
29th February 2020

Wow, I loved reading about Brazil beyond the international tourist centre of Rio. It seems there is so much to see, and such a big and varied country. I'm glad there were no injuries when you were filming the surfsliding thing!!

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