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January 14th 2010
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So, here I am, travelling round Brazil alone like an incredibly independent mature human being!

It is sooooo weird having filled in details that don´t include Lençois, Bahia. Leaving was one of the most difficult things I´ve done. I really loved it there and the people and places were just about unbeatable. My last weeks were fantastic and my friends and boyfriend really spoilt me. I had Délio, Vinny, Coquinho, Gabriel, Edson, Mariana, Aninha and Evando there to see me off at the bus station, which as you can imagine was a tearful experience. I´m already trying to plan a way to go back as soon as humanly possible!

I left on Monday on the 11.30 bus and slept alll the way to Salvador. Arrived 05.30 and stayed the whole day in the bus station, getting my bus to Recife at 19.30. This bus experience was bizarre - watched Dr Dolittle 5 (was not aware they continued making them after 2) dubbed into Portuguese and then slept for 11 hours. Arrived at 9 am Wednesday, found my hostel (nice enough, pool, good food, slight air of nobody having a clue what they´re doing...) and then spent a few hours on the beach. Around 4 I went into the town centre and had a look around, but then it got dark and got a little unsavoury, so I got a taxi back.

Today was lovely, went to nearby Olinda, a very pretty colonial town, and did a walking tour there. The weather was gorgeous, lots of lovely churches and things to look out - as well as lots of freaking dolls and marionettes and stuff. I don´t understand this - but apparently its a Pernambuco thing.

Tomorrow I´m getting the bus to Natal, and from there to Pipa - a relaxed very travelly beachtown - I´m going to spoil myself by doing NOTHING for a while... sounds good huh?

Hope you´re not all too jealous...



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