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August 27th 2006
Published: August 29th 2006
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Iguazu falls. Another UNESCO world heritage site. We went to both the Argentinian and Brazillian sides of the falls. Quick stats - higher than Niagra falls and wider than Victoria falls. As for Brazil - other than being half the area of south america it also has borders with every other country in South America, other than Ecuador and Chile.

The Argentinian side gives the magnified view and then the Brazil side is an overall picture. It was still pretty amazing, although the water levels are as low as they have ever been. You can see where the waterfalls should have been, but the levels were so low in places there were pools of stagnent water. Hopefully they will get more rain soon. It still looked amazing. Set in the midst of jungle with Tucans and Alligators passing by.

The coolest thing was I took a helicopter flight over the falls. Having never been in one before I did find this amazing. Other than my irrational fear that my head will get chopped off by the blades it was a lot of fun. I got some great pictures from the helicopter.

The next day was a very dull and full day of travelling. 10 hours on a bus. The distances are so huge in Brazil that long travel is unfortunately inevitable. We arrived in Curitiba which is literally just a stop over destination before catching a night bus to Ilha Grande. This did leave us plenty of opportunity for some quality shopping...

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29th August 2006

That photo from the Brazilian side is amazing. Good job little shutterbug.
29th August 2006

Funny how short the entries are now that Heather's in Canada. :-)

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