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February 28th 2011
Published: March 5th 2011
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We then headed across the boarder into Brazil to see the more panoramic view of the falls. Absolutely amazing. Just check out the pictures.

In addition to the falls, Foz Do Iguassu in Brazil also has the worlds largest hydroelectric power plant. Actually, China has a larger dam, but because the Rio Parana has such steady flow all year, the one here produces more power. It's construction (which began in 1973) has been controversial because it drowned out tons of rainforest and amazing waterfalls, though it has created mucho commerce. It belongs equally to Paraguay and Brazil, lying on the natural boarder (the river) between the countries. There's a huge reservoir of water up top which drains into the gianormous white turbines, which then exits the dam several meters below the water's surface downstream. The waterslide looking thingy is for runoff of excess, unused water.

Folks are typically friendly, although this is a purely touristy town and you can tell attitudes are a little affected by that. Stayed at a great hostel, El Shaddai, where there are several helpful, English speakers. Even ended up at a Karaoke bar one night and were befriended by a Brazilian. Next thing you know, we're up on stage singing Obladi Oblada by the Beatles and the crowd's waving their hands and cheering! (thought you'd appreciate that especially, Lindsay). One night, we went to a super affordable Churascurria and ate like kings! Although, on our walk home John broke out in a case of what he called the "meat sweats" (a condition induced by our intake of massive quantities of salty beef followed by a steep uphill trek to the hostel). We survived, though :-)

Now we're on our way to the Pantanal, Brazil's wetlands/rainforest for a three day off road adventure! Wahoo!

Additional photos below
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You can walk right out over and under some of the falls on bridges like these
Looking downstreamLooking downstream
Looking downstream

...note the oncoming thunderstorms (which we have come to know well)

The dam, againThe dam, again
The dam, again

...but this time with an impressive sign!
Broad pic of the damBroad pic of the dam
Broad pic of the dam

Turbines begining on the right
Upclose turbinesUpclose turbines
Upclose turbines

30 feet(10 meters) in diameter!!!
Looking down the runoff fLooking down the runoff f
Looking down the runoff f

...from a road that runs across the top of the dam

6th March 2011

falls look beautiful. Is that all JD has with him, contents of backpack which he is wearing in pic?? And what about you?

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