Iguazu Falls Brazil and Argentina

Published: June 27th 2010
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What another amazing week what with snorkelling in Bonito and Iguazu falls! Three days of trucking in between but worth it!

Last blog we had been to the Pantanal and were about to head off to Iguazu falls (Great Water).

On the way we stopped in Bonito a relatively small town but famous for its excellent freshwater snorkelling hidden away in the forests.

We arrived around lunchtime chilled out for the afternoon and wrote my blog in an internet cafe.
The drivers cooked us dinner as we were supposed to be camping for two days but Martin had managed to change so we were in the hotel.

The next morning seven of us had signed up to go freshwater snorkelling, we were picked up around nine and taken 40 mins drive onto a farm where the river was.

There was a main visitor centre which looked really new, where we were given our 5mm shorty wetsuits, booties, snorkels and masks then a short truck ride into the forest.

We then had to walk another 40 mins through the forest, quite weird in your wetsuit! The river is well managed in that no groups larger than 9 and only every twenty minutes, to help protect the ecological system.

After the walk we got into the river and had to go in single file and were not allowed to stop and touch the river bottom so you did not disturb the sand. The water was so clear, as you can see from the pickie!

It was amazing as the gentle current of the river carried you down the river, face down floating with small and large fish swimming along with you or towards you.

We were in the water for nearly two hours so my fingers were like prunes at the end! It was also quite tiring even though the current took us most of the time.

We stopped part way to see where an underground river joined the river through the bottom and made the sand bubble, have a video of me swimming down to touch it, will put on facebook.

A truck picked us up and took us back to the visitor centre where we had a buffet lunch and a few beers while we watched the Brazil Ivory Coast game.

Next morning we left for Iguazu falls, one of the main highlights of the trip. When we arrived in Iguazu it was dark and raining and we were supposed to be camping, so we all upgraded for an extra six quid to have rooms.

Next day was better so Norway and I put up a tent each but the others stayed in the rooms.

The next morning we were picked up taken on a 40 min drive and arrived at the falls on the Brazilian side.

We walked around the tourist centre then set off on one of the trails, it took you along the river with great views of the falls but the best was to come, as we reached the viewing gantry you could walk near the falls over the river in the water spray.
This took you to the Devils Throat the tallest part of the falls.

Iguazu Falls is made up of 275 waterfalls the highest being Devils Throat at 82m, it is also the second largest waterfallls in the world, by volume of water (in wet season) and is said to be the most awesome to see. The falls are on the Brazilian and Argentinian border right near Paraguay.

Emily on the trip has seen Victoria falls and she thought this was better, especially after the two days.

Around one we went for a traditional Brazilian meal then some of the guys went shopping in Paraguay while Norway and I went for a few beers around the town and walked back to the campsite.
We went to a barbecue in the evening with another GAP group, had a dip in the pool and got drunk!

Next day we set off to the falls again but this time we crossed the border into Argentina to see from that side. We caught a little train in the park then had to walk along a metal gantry over the river, took a good half an hour or so.

This gantry took you right up to the Devils Throat but at the top, it was amazing! As you can see from the pickies a lot of water spray so got soaked!

After this we had to walk back along the gantry and went on another trail which gave you different views and perspective of the falls.

After lunch we had a prebooked boat trip and jungle tour. We set off in a truck through the jungle with a guide telling us about the animals and fauna enroute. We then got off the truck and walked down some steps to the river where our speedboat awaited us.

We were told you get wet so we stripped to our swimmers and put all our clothes into dry bags provided and put on our lifejackets.

The boat sped off down the river through a few rapids and eventually we could see the falls in sight. The boat took us close so we could take some pictures (not all have WP cameras!) then when cameras away it took us right near the falls and eventually in to them several times, we were soaked and screaming like girls!

The ride lasted about 20 mins and then we were dropped off on an island to walk up the steps and get changed. What an awesome day! It was great to see the falls from all the different places, above below and in! I dont think any side was better than the other but complimented each other.

We set off back to the campsite and had an early night for the next two days would be travelling a long way stopping overnight in a large city called Curitiba before we arrived to our penultimate destination Paraty.

Paraty is a beach resort four hours away from Rio and our hostel is right on the beach and we are here for 4 nights yippee! For four of us here from the GAP trip start in Quito we have now crossed the continent from the Pacific coast in Mancorra Peru to Paraty on the Atlantic coast!


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29th June 2010

good to see you finaly got your underwater camera underwater, well done, great pressie d! good to hear from you the other night mate all looks and sounds great. skype is working perfect now so next time i get a moody phone call in the middle of the night i will just turn my computer on and wait for the request. water falls looked amazing. spoke to metty about coming out and he's struggling with flight costs so didnt get a final yes or no from him. going to see kings of leon at hyde park tomorow, the black keys are supporting, should be good. bought another lambretta aswell (sucker!) this one 's not running either now, another quality impulse purchase. take care buddy!!!
5th July 2010

Wow! So that waterproof camera did come in handy! I told you it was a good idea!! Your pictures just seem to be getting better and better. I am sure you will be a little sad to get the end of the GAP adventures. Is Metcalf meeting you in Rio (not seen him for a few weeks). Just back from a great holiday. Weather early 30's, got a decent tan (much browner than you saw me last year - better white bits!). It was like going to my second home because most of my family were out there. We did lots of exploring and never went to any tourist bits which was fab. All spanish tapas etc.. Have a hen weekend in Brighton next. Looking forward to a weekend with the girls. Take care Dee:)

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