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May 15th 2007
Published: May 15th 2007
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Where In The World Are We?

Sitting here now in the city of Belem all the way up at the mouth of the Amazon, and thinking back on all that’s happened in the last month and everything we’ve done, it seems all too much to fit on one entry.

Cruising the beautiful coastline of northeast Brazil, we have experienced several new things, seen countless picturesque beaches, and met many wonderful people; all the while taking our Portuguese to new levels as less and less people speak any English at all.

The people of the north-east of Brazil are reputed to be wonderful hosts. We have found this to be more than true. Many times the people we met really went out of their way for us - inviting us to stay at their homes and cooking their interesting foods for us, assisting us with whatever we needed and giving us useful information they had for us and our journey, and just generally showing genuine concern that we would like them and their part of the world.

Tomorrow we will take a break from road transport for a while and board a boat to take us up the Amazon River and into the jungle.

Odometer at Start: 33 900 km
Odometer now: 38 926 km

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As promised, the talented crabs of Buraco da Gia in the small town of Goiana (close to Recife). The place has been running for 50 years, and the walls are decorated with photos of Brazilian VIPs being served by these giants.
Even Kitesurfers Use CondomsEven Kitesurfers Use Condoms
Even Kitesurfers Use Condoms

Our kitesurfing instructor Carlos (“KAKA”) was very inventive. For his lessons he communicates to you via a walkie talkie wrapped in a condom to protect it from the water. His condom consumption is very high and apparently his wife is not very happy about the fact that she has been finding used condoms in his pockets, his bags, his buggy, ...
Learning How to Handle the KiteLearning How to Handle the Kite
Learning How to Handle the Kite

We learnt kitesurfing with the professionals. Carlos was an Olympic windsurfer medalist and Brazilian Olympic Winsurf coach before he became a kitesurfer. He is also a international judge for kitesurfing. Calunga (wearing sunglasses), a crazy pro-surfer, has also surfed on the Amazon river – every so often one giant wave rocks the river and if they manage to catch it they can ride one wave for almost an hour. The trick is not to think about what waits beneath you if you fall in…
Little PicassoLittle Picasso
Little Picasso

Carlos’s talented and hyperactive son, Rafael, drawing one of his many pictures of us (and Beruška) in the sand.
"Sibauma Man""Sibauma Man"
"Sibauma Man"

Our kitesurfing friend, Colvin, with an interesting personal history - growing up in Santa Lucia with abusive parents, he ran away from home at 16, where he was found on the streets by a rich French hotel tycoon who adopted him. A few years later, he himself adopted a kid too, and now at 33 and his kid already starting college, he is traveling the world looking for a spot to set up his own hotel.
First Time on the Beach for BeruškaFirst Time on the Beach for Beruška
First Time on the Beach for Beruška

Nearly turned into disaster when the high tide came earlier and higher than expected, forcing us to cut the lesson short and rush to catch the ferry back before the entire beach was engulfed.
Too SlowToo Slow
Too Slow

Liba trying to touch the dolphin in the water. After nearly 2 hours of having the dolphins tease her, she finally gave up.

17th May 2007

love your trip!
unreal!would not mind to join you only for a month or even a week or even a day...

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