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August 8th 2006
Published: August 9th 2006
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My Capoeira GymMy Capoeira GymMy Capoeira Gym

GUTO is the name of my instructor
After practicing capoeira for almost one month I have shown to the class and my teacher, Guto, that I have learned the 8 different sequences and that I am ready to move on to the next level. Thus the baptismal ceremony....

At the end of every class there is a jogo, a capoeira session if you will, where they actually play capoeira in the roda (circle) and not just practice the sequences. In a jogo, there are no rules... you can do any movement you like to try to out-play your opponent. Before, I was only allowed to watch and clap my hands with the music, but yesterday at my baptismal ceremony it was my first time to actually participate in the jogo. I was called forward by Guto and was matched with Juan, who is a yellow belt (the third level). We cartwheeled into the roda and the game began. I could feel his experience because it was me mostly dodging his attacks, but I countered with a few good kicks of my own, but every time I would attack he would sweep out my planted foot and force me into a negative (a defensive move where you lie close to the ground in almost a pushup position). By the time I was getting tired, Guto signalled for the jogo to stop and Juan and I shook hands and took our places outside the roda.

Now it is tradition in capoeira when a student completes their baptism that they are given a nickname. Everyone around the roda gave their suggestions and the concensus was... Espiga. It means an ear of corn. They gave it to me because I am tall like a corn stalk. I thought it was very cool! At first it doesn´t sound too dangerous, but the just think... I could POP out at you like an exploding kernal of corn without warning.

Roda Jogo

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the main instrument which provides the rythem for Capoeira

The traditional drum
Sequence 1 Sequence 1
Sequence 1

one of the 8 sequences I had to memorize

9th August 2006

Holy high kicks batman!
I am totally impressed...Cartwheel would take me a good twenty years to learn...those that can't do...teach
12th August 2006

Did you have to put the close-up picture of your blistered feet?! Oh man you're hilarious, I was cracking up at the whole Espiga- pop out in your face thing. Too much. I've always wanted to learn/do capoera but it looks so hard!
14th August 2006

You know, pop corn is always a bitch when it gets stuck between your teeth! You could be that anoying pop corn! Espiga!Espiga! Nobody is going to want to take your stuff every again. Very cool Cheers!

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