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June 23rd 2006
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Yesterday was my second world cup match in Brasil and Caro and João took me to one of their friends appartments where they were having a party. I go to these social functions not knowing anybody but as soon as the people there find out that I´m canadian or that I speak english they can´t wait to talk with me and tell me where they have travelled and practice some of their english. By the end of the night, I´m friends with everyone there and we´re making plans to get together later, or they want to show me something or go to another party together.

Eduardo in the pictures plays guitar. His friends say that he looks like Tom Cruise. Andre did an exchange to England and travelled all over with his girlfriend there. Two really great guys, we had a good time.

We went to the streets again after the game, one in particular called "PeeWee" street, the same place as last time. Enjoy the pictures!

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27th June 2006

Daniel Rocks
Good Times Daniel!!! You make me smile largely! Keep living well buddy! Liz!

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