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January 19th 2014
Published: March 8th 2014
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A little rain sends everyone scrambling onto Ithaca
Friday 17thJanuary (Odyssey Day 70)

We departed camp this morning at 0900 after taking the opportunity to fill the water tank, seeing as we are heading for a bush camp tonight. There was some arguments about seating plans this morning, and really I wish people wouldn’t come to me to complain. I get complaints about the seating, and then when we try and fix the problem I get more complaints about it all. It’s not like it’s a difficult concept, sometimes it seems like no one can think for themselves. Ironically enough (though not unexpected) it is the people who complain who are generally the ones who are being selfish about the whole issue anyway. The ones who do the right thing all the time don’t tend to complain.

The bush camp tonight was on a track just off the road and it was almost dark as we arrived at a suitable place. We had just enough time to set up our tents as well as the cook tent before it got dark and started to rain as well. It didn’t rain too hard, but it was

AJ on cook duties - its a hard life
continuous most of the night.

Johnny decided to borrow one of the guys single person tents (brought along for hiking) so he could have his own tent for a while. He parked it right in the middle of the road, so almost everyone had a chance to trip over it when going past. Perhaps not the best thought out plan there.

Since I was on cook group tonight, I got to stand in the dry cook tent while everyone else huddled onto the rather stuffy truck to try to stay dry. At least it wasn’t cold though.

Saturday 18th January (Odyssey Day 71)

The group woke this morning to find that giant ants had eaten through the mesh of Johnny’s tent and crawled all over him. He was rather traumatised by the event and it made the rest of us glad for our heavy duty canvas tents! Johnny doesn't like bugs at the best of times, so to wake with them all over him
Travel DayTravel DayTravel Day

Some lovely views on the drive
was a bit much.

We headed out early, managing to see the sunrise from the truck as we drove along. We decided we wanted to camp at our first pit stop of the day, as it had rather plush toilets for a road stop. There was even a stone garden with chairs within the ladies toilets. Crazy!

At 1500 we arrived in the town of Jaciara. We stopped in the town itself for two hours to shop and look around the town. I spent a little time relaxing by sitting in a park by the supermarket and had an interesting ten minute conversation with a local who didn’t speak any more English than I did Portuguese. He was very friendly and so was everyone else who went past. It doesn’t seem to matter that there is a language barrier, people are just interested in us – and our truck. Actually, asking about the truck is very common - and relatively easy to have a non verbal discussion about. I'm getting quite good at all this expressive talking with the hands.


A short respite from the never ending drizzle at Jaciara

Before getting back on the truck, Lou and I did a shop for the bar. Since we will be in a campsite for a couple of nights, it is best to be prepared and stock up on beer and soft drinks.

The campsite looks lovely. There are two pools plus a natural rock pool with a waterfall. Unfortunately the bathrooms rather detract from the place, being accessible only by walking through some extremely sodden grass and seeming like they may never have been too clean or have hot water. Still, the camp itself is rather nice though.

Sunday 19th January (Odyssey Day 72)

This morning the group went up the road to an area for activities. Some went rappelling at the waterfall and others went to swim and relax. I decided to stay at camp and enjoy some solitude for a change. I was alone for the morning and managed to do my washing, wash my tent, and even managed to finally wax my tent in the hope of keeping

The friendly camp owls - certainly not afraid of us
it dry next time it rains. Of course, it then starts to rain. I swear it actually gets hotter when it rains too!

When there was a slight break in the rain a few of us went swimming in the afternoon. It was nice in the water and the pool was a decent size.

Dinner tonight was provided by the family who run the camp. We ate around near the pools and those of us who stuck around after the meal were joined in the area by a few owls– what appeared to be two pairs, at least three owls at any rate.

There were also some rather big bugs that managed to fly into us and were big enough to hurt when they did so. That is, before the owls started feeding on them! Too bad the little biting flies and mosquitoes weren’t as easily gotten rid of. No matter how much insect repellent went on, I still ended up with more bites around my ankles every time I looked.

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Travel DayTravel Day
Travel Day

Sunrise on the empty roads

Setting up camp

A walk in the stream

Beautiful camp at night

Helping us out by catching some moths

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