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Hey Bloggers, We woke up to the delicious breakfast about 7.30am, we then spent all morning in the room watching episodes and using wifi until 11am. We paid and checked out of the hostel-such a bargain we got for a private room: £33 in total for 3 nights and breakfast! And never got charged for the bike hire!!! We walked the short few blocks to the supermarket, where we bought lunch to have on the bus. We walked on a little further to wait for our first 6-hour bus to Campo Grande. It went fairly quickly, we watched a Grimm and then the start of the film Insurgent-I’m currently reading the Trilogy. We then had a 3-hour wait at Campo Grande bus terminal until we boarded the next bus to Sao Paulo (13.5 hours). It’s probably ... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito August 5th 2015

Hello People, We awoke early again but didn’t mind, as we knew that amazing free breakfast was waiting for us!!! Today our plan was to ride the 6.4km to Balneario Municipal. Our hostel Catarinos did bike hire for 15 real (£3) for the day, and they supplied the bike, a lock and direction there. We took with us snacks and water and started off, it’s easy to get to as there is one straight road through the town and out and turn left at the first round about!! We flew there even though the bikes had one gear!! We arrived and found out that you need to buy a ticket in town to get in this park, another couple turned up in a car and had the same problem, however once this couple went and when ... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito August 4th 2015

Hi Family, Friends and bloggers, So we woke up early as our time clock has been beaten up lately… even though we are in the same country and just above Foz it is now an hour back! So everyone we spoke to in the hostel on arrival said they do an amazing free breakfast here, and we were not let down!!! In all of South America so far it has been bread and jam/dulce de leche, at this hostel however, it was a full on feast of fruit, bread, ham, cheese’s and cakes of all kinds, plus 4 different juices to drink!! We were in heaven!!! The hostel is a really nice family run place, everything is clean and their son speaks English and helps book up all the tours. They have a fridge for food ... read more

Hello Everyone, About 7.30am we arrived into Campo Grande, we then bought some breakfast at the terminal, and also bought our onward bus ticket to Bonito, which was a 3-hour wait until it left and then another 6 hours on that bus. Urhhhh! Best part was this ladyboy who looked like she had a fake bum and lip implants, and when she turned around and put her bag down had a big old stiffy sticking through her dress!! LOL everyone seemed to be looking at him..I mean her…and the stiffy!!! The bus stopped for 45 minutes for lunch on that journey, which did break it up a bit. We had some local food on a self-service buffet; it was nice and only £3. When we arrived at 3pm, we were met at the terminal by the ... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul January 9th 2015

Bonito is a small town that has exploded with tourism companies offering excursions along the various rivers that flow nearby. Bonito means beautiful and it is a place that truly lives up to its name. We’d only had this destination recommended to us while we were in Bolivia and upon reading about it, decided it’d be the perfect pit stop to break up the 700km journey from the Pantanal to Iguaçu falls. The draw card of Bonito is the river system that has created a natural phenomenon with incredible visibility due to calcium in the rocks reacting with contaminants and creating sediment rather than floating debris. This results in the rivers having almost perfect visibility (>30m) even in fast flowing rivers that are only 1 or 2 meters deep. Staying in the HI Bonito we managed ... read more
Amazingly clear water that we snorkelled in
Amazingly clear water that we snorkelled in

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito June 27th 2014

After a short flight with a free upgrade to the seats with extra legroom, ( the fault of the airline double booking our seats!), we arrived at the airport to the owner of our hostel with a free lift. Much to my disappointment he was not holding a card with our names on it, apparently looking out for the gringos with the backpacks finds you the right people. We had booked this hostel due to it being associated with a Pantanal tour company. The reviews we had read were not all good, and many advised staying away from the company altogether. A closer read of the reviews finds faults with the company that are completely unrelated to the tours themselves and so for ease and cost we booked a 2 night/3 day tour to the Pantanal ... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Campo Grande January 2nd 2014

Tuesday 31st December (Odyssey Day 53) We departed rainy Bonito this morning, though it had, fortunately, stopped raining and we were able to put the tents away fairly dry. It wasn’t too far to go today and so after a brief stop for Joanna and I to restock the bar, we arrived at Santa Clara Pousada, a working ranch just out of Campo Grande, in time for a late lunch. For our stay here, everything is included. Food is prepared for us so we have a break from cooking duties and activities for two days are included as well. On arrival there was the option of setting up tents, as well as the option of using a hammock and staying in a communal room above the outdoor dining area. The room was enclosed with flywire, to ... read more
Santa Clara Pousada
Santa Clara Pousada
Santa Clara Pousada

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito December 30th 2013

Friday 27th December (Odyssey Day 49) Another resting day today. Some went to Paraguay for a day trip but I didn’t want to spend all day out, mostly on a bus, so Hannah and I relaxed for the morning instead. We were planning on heading out for the afternoon, Hannah to the bird park and myself into town, when the rain suddenly started pouring down. We got absolutely soaked while closing everyone’s tent flaps and bringing in their shoes, so we decided to stay at camp. Fortunately, even the rain is warm here so we weren’t too worried about catching a cold. Cook group two had our last cook day today as we change to the new cook groups and truck jobs tomorrow. Actually, cook group two will no longer exist, as it has been deemed ... read more
Foz do Iguacu Camp
Foz do Iguacu Camp
Bonito Camp

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Campo Grande August 25th 2013

Episode 4: The Magnificent Pantanal 25.8.13 How can I describe what an excellent week we have just had in the Brazilian Pantanal? We have been spotting toucans, macaws, jaguars and other critters. It has been fantastic. We flew from the Amazon to Cuiaba, one of the entry points for the Pantanal. The Pantanal is the worlds largest inland wetland, choc full of animals. It is seasonally flooded, but now - the hot dry season - it is a mosaic of woodlands, grasslands , rivers and isolated ponds full of fishes. Plus, right now, there are these pink flowered trees in bloom. Imagine whole areas of jacarandas across the landscape, but pink instead of mauve. If you look at a map of South America and place a pin in the centre, this is roughly where the pantanal ... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Corumbá March 7th 2013

Šiandien jau išvažiuoju iš Bonito, autobusas 12 val. dienos. Rytą praleidžiu miestelyje, prie interneto, o prieš važiuojant pasigaminu valgyt. Pavalgyt nespėju, nes Williamas grįžta iš darbo, kad nuvežtų mane iki autobusų stoties ir laiko laukti neturi. Susidedu pasigamintus spagečius į dėžutę išsinešimui, suvalgysiu autobuse. Stotyje susitinku ir vokiečių porelę, jie šiandien irgi išvažiuoja, tiesa ne ten pat kur ir aš. Sulaukiu autobuso, kuris atvažiuoja šiek tiek pavėlavęs. Kelionė autobusu trunka 6 valandas, bet jos neprailgsta. Pakeliui pamatau kelis laukinius gyvūnus, elnią, skruzdėdą, bei termitų sukrautus piliakalnius. Atvažiuojų į miestą pasienyje Corumba. Čia sutinku tą patį vyruką kuris padėjo susirasti transportą nukeliauti iki Bonito. Jis čia savo ofisėlyje pardavinėja įvairias keliones bei autobusų bilietus. Iš šiuo mi... read more

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