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November 10th 2006
Published: November 24th 2006
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7th november- 10th November

The beautiful city of Sao Luis is blessed with the most feverish cultural presence of the upmost north of Brazil. Walking through the colonial city, you could see its facades covered with azulejos (portugese painted tiles). it had a timeless beauty.

I stayed in a renovated old colonial building turned hostel, called Solar das Pedras.

Sao Luis is known as the capital of reggae in Brazil, pronouned He-gáy. I found some new awesome reggae music, and i partied to reggae in the nearby bars.

No doubt the city would have been amazing during its higly folkloric festivals, that are represented in the themes of the many museums bound to the area.

I made a trip out to Alcantara, a colonial architectural treasure slipping regally into decay. it used to be the hub of the regions sugar and cotton economy and home to the rich landowners. Walking through, it is not surpising to wonder what keeps people living in remote areas, so distant from the mainland. But admittedly the place has got a decaying beauty. as though one day it will simply cease to exist to human sight, and where its inhabitants will continue to live in a timeless beauty.

No doubt, i did experience the nightlife. a must everywhere i go! The people here are often darker, many black from the central american kind. Beautiful smiles and friendly people everywhere. often too friendly however. one bar we went to, i was grabbed by a local brazilian women, taken to the bathroom, where she began to try kissing me, almost forcefully, and where i pushed her away in my surprise. 20 minutes later, i get approached by a local man to signal if i was interested. theyre realy quite forward up here in the north!!!

Met Arvin( Finland), felix (austria) and Martin(sweden) at the hostel, and headed together to parque Nacional dos Lençois.

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large puppets used in annual carnivallarge puppets used in annual carnival
large puppets used in annual carnival

said to be one of the most folkloric carnivals. it is very colourful...apparently...but arent all brazillian carnivals colourful!
the buzzing evening scenethe buzzing evening scene
the buzzing evening scene

listening to soulful bossa nova in the midst of north brazilian beauty!
girl that followed megirl that followed me
girl that followed me

she was fascinated by my camera, and kept wanting to tkae photoswith it..

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