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November 3rd 2011
Published: November 4th 2011
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Bahia Orton HotelBahia Orton HotelBahia Orton Hotel

AKA ´The Fortress of No Papers´
Last night was my first in Bahia. And even thoug I did nada, zilch it still felt dramatic. I had arrived in Salvador in what seemed to be a tropical storm. Our pilot was so unsettled by the plane´s approach that he pulled up sharply amd suddenly due to bad/no visability. Finally, we did manage to land land and I have to say there were many passengers who applauded in a strange mixture of praise and disbelief.

After 8 days living in a hostel I decided to treat myselt to a little bit of soft luxury. So here I am at the Bahia Orton Hostel safely away from the experience of Argentinians who bruskly wake up for a 6am expedition, away from Dutch girls who turn on the light at 4am after a night of clubbing in Lapa, and a away from a strange singing Brazilian man who does his laundry and than hangs it all over the dorm room. Meus Deus!

My hotel is fantastic. It is this huge fortified complex perched on the edge of the ocean. My room is on the top floor and has a heartstopping ocean view. Due to the tropical storm the waves crash, thunder, and foam against the rocks below with tangible force. And this magical soound echoes throughout my room. And when I step out on my balcony, wow I sense the power of the Atlantic in a way I have rarelt felt before. I fell asleep in a huge bed with frtesh smelling sheers listening to storm winds beating against my windows and the waves pounding the black jagged rocks.

Today after watching a bit of the movie Shutter Island I set of to climb out amongst those black rocks and the white foam. As I stood there I was transfgixed by the swells. I thought about where I was at that moment and how travel has the ability to tilt your head and make you look at life from a previously unseen view.

The hotel complex is huge and some parts of it are wholly deserted, especially due to the inclimate weather. Wandering around in the gusts I felt like a movie character discovering the secrets of an island. Tomorrow, after my pampering rest I will be leaving to go stay at a hostel again. Bahian discoveries and the wilds of the dormitary await.

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Wandering around the grounds.Wandering around the grounds.
Wandering around the grounds.

It was a dark and stormy day.

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