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September 25th 2009
Published: September 26th 2009
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I had to register at the Federal Police for temporary residence (since I'm staying more than 3 weeks here). Afterward, I went to Catussaba beach. I look chubbier because I have my suit under my clothes.. and I've been eating.. I dont know.. haha
I also went to a birthday party of my mom's friend, who was turning 80. A lot of cake! haha.
Then, I went back to Shopping Barra, hoping to snap some pictures of those balls in the water.. but they had a fashion show instead! (That occupied the space.) Next time! I took random pics of the mall. You will see American icons..
Victoria's Secret lotion which cost $9 in the States, cost R$73. $1 is R$1.8. That is around $40 to buy that, 4 times as expensive!! Well, that was the gift I got for my home-stay mom. I knew that luxury items were expensive, but I didn't know it was that expensive. And I got the lotion on sale for about $5.
And pics of my room..haha. A pic of all the medals my little bro won for swimming hanging on the wall.
I also went to Mercado Modelo, a souvenir one stop shop! You
Fruit Cocktails (non-alcoholic)Fruit Cocktails (non-alcoholic)Fruit Cocktails (non-alcoholic)

HAHa, at the party. No alcohol. Is it because they are Catholics?
have to haggle, and I do not like..haha, I always feel ripped-off. This is a souvenir shop for tourists, kinda like the ones in China. Underneath the Market is empty weird place... There is a speculation, from people who don't know what it is/was for, as to whether it is a place that they used to keep slaves before selling them.
And some random pics of food again. HAHa

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The family of the birthday girl. She is in green.

Chocolates!! platters of them

I just liked how the made a simple decoration piece. Good idea for your next party

It was on the road when I was walking towards the mall.
Swimming medalsSwimming medals
Swimming medals

That my little bro won. Hangs on my wall..
I love you a lot also.I love you a lot also.
I love you a lot also.

I think that is what it says.. a hugging heart pillow.. it was laying on my bed the first day I got here. sweet huh?
Ice cream!!Ice cream!!
Ice cream!!

Ice cream!!
Installment PlansInstallment Plans
Installment Plans

Sometimes, the price is written 5X or 10X some price.. people can buy through installments...?

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