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February 17th 2007
Published: March 7th 2007
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A wonder with some cats we met. All in superchill mode.
Leon and I left Rio as rapidly as we arrived.

We embarked on our most epic bus journey to Valencia, 1200kms away.
Whilst this was not the furtherest distance we have travelled, the distance took 30hours. It was delayed by 3 crashes, holding up the trip by around 5hours. A painfully long trip.

Leon and I had to suffice for split seats. He was in the front and I was half way back nestled in between several young families. I quickly discovered that my Portugese was not up to scratch to convey anything and my Kiwi version of Spanglish was greated with NO ENTIEDE.
However, despite being culturally exiled, it was an eventful trip. As you can imagine, there was a lot of staring from the young-uns. I made friends with the kid in front with my eyes and poked the occasional face when I was certain no one was watching. The kid behind enjoyed standing on his seat and pulling my mohawk a little. Luckily the two kids beside me quickly lost interest and instead enjoyed sweeties for perhaps 10hours of the trip.
With Leon at the front of the bus, I fell deep in to a mixture of culture shock and tired delermium. I was on a bus in Tunisia, Congo or Senagal West Africa.

We ended up on our island destination of Boi Peba the following day - after fighting off flying cochraches, decoding Portugese and embarking on the correct bus and ferry (in that order).
We came across Lauren and Jesse - two American Capoeira students - who were taking a break from training in Sao Paulo.
After following a friendly local lad, we managed to find ^Pousada el Budgo Dads Back Shed^ which was 10minutes walk from the beach and on the outskirts of the village.

The 4 of us walked around the coast of the island, making it a solid 2hours to the other side. We were obliged to turn back after a thunder storm set in. Darkness set in soon after. We found ourselves losing the path crossing between beaches. The blind leading the blind, we soon got lost in the jungle and rain.
I discovered that the view finder on my camera was a great light. Ultimately this made things alot easier. Weary and wet, we found our way back to our shelter along with a couple of dazed Chileans. Great pic says it all.

The following day we discovered that the island had been untouched by tourism. So much so people were too much on ~island time~ to open their restaurants to serve us breakfast. We thought that was pretty neat.
After a cheeseburger for breakie, we headed for another stroll. This time going inland and picking delicious wild berries ripened in the sun. The beach was again spectacular and water was bearly refeshing it was so warm. The 4 of us stopped where the beach intersected with a river which proved to be impassable with cameras at high tide.
So we tried to knock coconuts out of a nearby tree.
The tide retreated long enough for us to pass. Leon and I ran along the beach. Much to his misfortune Leon stubbed his foot on a rock (it is possible). We managed to flag down a boat, so he could return to the village without getting his gash sandy. The boat was a little yellow rocket. This proved to be a major highlight of the day - the swell was good and we managed to get air, completely soaked and do a bit of surfing too.
I left Leon to fix his foot and had to run back to get my stuff - racing against darkness again. I ran and managed to get back as the sun left the sky.
Leon got cleaned up and we hit a little resturant for dinner. Shrimp with coconut sauce. One of the most satisfying meals i have ever had after a huge day out. Remeber it FOREVER.

Exhuasted, I bearly even noticed the frogs or the bugs and slept through the night.

We packed up and left the following day. Truly touched by our island experience.
Go on the way you are Boi Peba. This island was truly one of the most unique experiences of my life.

Pic of dinner, island beaches

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Fishing, no cars, no worries
Boat rideBoat ride
Boat ride

Leon me and our little helper (Dad was driving).
Dinner guestDinner guest
Dinner guest

Our tour guide/ curious follower joined us for Moceca.

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