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May 3rd 2009
Published: May 3rd 2009
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Lucky you! You'll get treated with a second blog entry today!

Simply because I also wanted to put up pictures of the walk I did today. Yesterday, naturally, I was exhausted and did nothing as I had been checking in guests in the middle of the night. Today, however, I decided I would finally manage to reach the Sossego waterfall. I had already tried to reach it before, but by following the riverbed straight from the Ribeirão do Meio (the place with the natural tobogan), which made it extremely long. In addition, I didn't know the way, and when I tried the water level was really high which increased the difficulty considerably.

Today, however, I went up to the Ribeirão de Cima with my boss, Chris, his girlfriend and her son. He had beforehand explained more or less how to get to that waterfall. So I left from higher up the river, followed a trail for a bit before reaching the riverbed. On the way, I bumped into (but not literally, thankfully), a coral snake, which was sunbathing on the path. It was rather small, but its colour makes it look quite exotic, doesn't it? It's also the most
Wrong wayWrong wayWrong way

I tried following the water in the passageway to the right. Completely wrong, and utterly impossible.
venomous snake in the Americas. Anyhow, it quickly left the path: snakes generally run away (again not literally) from humans, so as not to be trodden on, and only bite when they are surprised or scared. I then carried on my way, following the riverbed, jumping from rock to rock. Chris had told me when I reached this one specific rock I would have to go left and then through a hole to the right. I initially went the wrong way but then found a serie of minuscule holes which led me in the right direction. I doubt they were those he was talking about, but it was definitely fun crawling through them. I finally made it to the Sossego waterfall, and enjoyed the tranquility of the site before making my way back.

I also felt quite good about the whole thing because the Sossego trail is generally only ever done with a guide. Plus, I made the whole walk there and back by leaving at 10am and returning at 3pm, when generally people leave at 8:30am and return at 6:30pm, and that's with a guide. I know I'm showing off, but I felt particularly happy about finally succeeding this walk.

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Big lizardBig lizard
Big lizard

I'd say it was over 40cm long

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