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April 22nd 2009
Published: April 23rd 2009
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I'm back! Unfortunately, the walk only lasted 3 days, as a couple in the group had to return early to São Paulo early. Pity, but it was worthwhile nonetheless.

It was quite testing, actually. Long walking days, including large parts walking on very steep slopes of mud or wet clay, offering numerous opportunities for falling on your backside which I took full advantage of. We also had to cross river rapids with slippery stones, which was not too easy. Undoubtedly the most annoying rainforest feature though was the 'capim navalha' (I think I'm writing it correctly), a plant with long, sharp leaves which cuts your arms and legs as your walk around the forest. Luckily, it didn't rain too much, but the combination of tropical rain during the night and ligth drizzle during the day meant that there was simply no way of staying dry. My feet were soaking wet, my legs covered with with clay, and I even managed to tear my shorts open on the last day. Despite all of this, I loved it. It felt great to be in a harsh environment for a bit, getting to know how far I could go. Pity it didn't last longer, I really felt like I could have lasted another couple of days. I guess there's not too much to be said apart from that, except that I wish I had taken more photos inside the forest, because those I've put up don't quite convey what the walk actually was like. Anyway, enjoy the photos!

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On top of the cahoeirãoOn top of the cahoeirão
On top of the cahoeirão

At the conluence of several underground streams, the cachoeirão (big waterfall) is over 200m high.
This water actually tastes niceThis water actually tastes nice
This water actually tastes nice

This water comes straight from the river and can be drunk without any problem. Unfortunately, its rather brownish colour makes it look rather, er, weird, let's say.

23rd April 2009

ta barbe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is impressive et les photos sont trop belles
26th April 2009

ohlala c'est vrai!!!!

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