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March 31st 2009
Published: March 31st 2009
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Ribeirão do meioRibeirão do meioRibeirão do meio

With its huge natural slide which only hurts your bum a little bit when you go down
It's been a long break since my last post. Not that I have been doing strictly nothing, but prehaps nothing worthy of a full-scale article. And you wait, you wait, for something important to happen, but only mondane events have punctuated the last few weeks. This article will not have an overarching theme, but will rather be a little collection of some of the - as I have said - rather banal things that have occurred.

Firstly, the obvious: I'm still in Lençóis. I thought my work at the pousada would have been finished by now, but they seem to be able to find extra bits and pieces for me to do, and do not seem in a hurry to chuck me out. That obviously makes me very happy. Of course, this means less time to visit other places in Brazil. But Lençóis is one of those places which you stumble upon and quickly fall in love with. And I must say, I am happy here! Almost every day involves helping out the pousada with various bits and pieces of work, or simply hanging around, chatting with guests, giving them advice, etc. In the afternoon, I'll most likely go off for a 2 to 3 hour walk, during which I'll try to explore an area (such as above the Serrano) in slightly more depth. I'll generally offer idle guests to come along with me, as you really need to know your way around there to do the entire walk.

So... this has basically been my life over the last two to three weeks! Peaceful, calm, making many new friends.

Slightly dreading the amount of work that awaits me at my return...

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On the road to IgatuOn the road to Igatu
On the road to Igatu

A lovely German family took me along with them to Igatu and Mucugê. The road was not easy though.

1st April 2009

Just to tell you that I think that if you stay a little longer in one place in a new country,you will come to know that country a little better than if you went around `´just seeing more´´.After all understanding Brasil will help you enormously in the way you will look at it.E o seu portugues tambem vai melhorar!Enjoy

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