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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré May 25th 2014

Itacare is THE place to be in Bahia! If you ever make it to Salvador, make sure you hop on a bus southwards to this mellow and youthful heaven somewhere in-between wide stretches of virgin Atlantic rainforest and the picturesque beaches. Or just like us, get a bicycle and start pedaling! It’s only 400km from Salvador! The beaches are out of this world with white sand and clear blue water. They are all sheltered and protected by the forest so they’re like hidden treasures. People in Itacare are cool and patient, and they smile all the time! Sunsets are spectacular over the northern bay. Food is good. You can surf, snorkel, play beach soccer or lie on fine sand all day long… Even the women are pretty in Itacare! Just listen to the name: Itacare and ... read more
Cycling Bahia! South of Itacare the coast is picturesque!
Prainha beach: paradise for everyone!
Gotta love Brazil!

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré February 6th 2014

Time is almost up in Brazil sadly, we've got another two weeks-ish for our final few destinations on the list... All of which sound amazing. But first... What happened after our initial stay in Rio. We jumped on a quick flight up to Salvador for a nights stay before a catamaran to Morro de Sau Paulo. We stayed in the old town area which looked very pretty - All pastel houses, cobbled streets, Capoeira which is ballet/fighting kinda dance and Bahian ladies in traditional dress. The lovely exterior makes it hard to believe that it is apparently quite dangerous after dark. We had a little pootle around and saw some of the amazing cathedrals but felt a day was enough here. Plus we were just excited about the beaches that lay ahead. Morro de sau Paulo ... read more
Morro de Sau Paulo
More Morro

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré November 18th 2012

Things which have become the norm: Walking 5mins to the local food markets any time from 5:30am on a Sunday morning and buying 2 weeks worth of fruit and veges (for 2 people) for under AUD $20. Buying bananas - a whole stem cut from the tree (approx 10kg) for AUD $1.50 Eating bananas!! This is new to me... The men at the markets drinking beer like its coffee at 6am. Given, they probably have been up since 4am - but what is the point of having a local market if there is no alcohol to drink whist chatting with your neighbours?? Walking 10 minutes to the beach in a bikini at any time of day - but more comfortably at 6am... Working a 15 hour week and feeling like it was the hardest week ... read more
Banana cake cooked @ 4am
Sunscreen before surf!!
Vamos surfar....

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré July 25th 2012

Itacare, Itacare, Itacare............. God this places changes you, in a good way! The perfect way to end the perfect 6 months. Itacare is a lovely little fishing village surrounded by loads of amazing beaches (there are 7 you can take your pick from everyday, which are walkable) used to be the first choice destination for all the upmarket rich Brazilians due to it being difficult to access, making it very exclusive. However to improve that a bridge was built crossing the river a few years ago and that opened it up to the world of backpacking and given it a growing 'Gringo' population and we can honestly say, we would have been very tempted to add ourselves to what is a great bunch of people, who look out for each other and generally enjoy life by ... read more
Paddling in the white water
The whole gang

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré July 23rd 2012

It's official. Surfing is the hardest thing I've ever done. Maybe not physically, but definitely mentally... I'm not use to something taking so long to learn - oh, beside Portuguese that is :( People compare it to snowboarding, but I think it is so different. It isn't necessarily up to you or your capabilities. So much is out of your control and left to mother nature. The shape of the wave, the wind, the tide. Some days I get so frustrated at myself because I think I'm not where I should be after 3 months. And then I go back into shore and one of the guys told me they were some of the biggest waves he's ever surfed and I think, "ok. Maybe I'm not THAT bad." At least I was out there having a ... read more
Prizes of glory!
Dance Off!!
Blue sky winter days...

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré June 9th 2012

We seem to count the full moons that pass here in Itacare and I have now seen 4, including the full moon of May which was dubbed “Super-Moon”. I suppose it is actually 5 if I include the one I was here for in February when I first passed through for 5 days. Within a week of posting my last blog and celebrating 6 months of unemployment, I somehow picked up work and started a new job less than a week later as an English Teacher (yes – I’m still in Brazil!). For those of you who didn’t know, last year I did an internationally recognised online certificate before I left Australia to Teach English as a Second Language (TESL). It is one of those things I have always wanted to do but never ... read more
Close up!
Chilling with the girls
Tiririca Sunset

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré April 27th 2012

Dear Diary, I’m sorry for not writing to you in such a long time. You’ve been on my mind, I swear! I just have a special talent of procrastination – even over here I cannot shake it!! So after being in Itacare for 6 weeks now, I have discovered it is definitely a unique place and I am finding out the more I stay here, the people in this town are quite unique along with it! Last week I made a 6hr round-trip to the closest ‘big town’ Ilheus and extended my visa with the Federal Police. Considering my (very!) basic Portuguese I think I did quite well and now have another stamp in my passport for another 3 months - YAY! All done on day 89 of a 90 day visa! Lucky for me I ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré April 2nd 2012

Capao, a small town of 1,000 hippies, rastafa's and with a permanent circus and acrobats is located on the boarder of Chapada Diamantina National Park in the state of Bahia, Brazil. I arrived in Chapada thinking I was going to spend 4 days in total – I left after 2 weeks of daily trekking, including an amazing 5 day trek out of Capao into Vale do Pati. Described as “Brazil’s Lost World”, it contains an abundance amount of secluded waterfalls, hidden caves, 300 metre climbs up what feels like vertical terrain, all to be rewarded with deep crystal clear pools and underground rivers which seem to spring out of the mountain side at any given time along the trail just in time for the perfect ‘cool off’ before continuing your day’s trek. All I can say ... read more
Day #1's waterfall
Moon Rising

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré February 11th 2012

Before emabarking on our journey to Itacare, I needed to take some money out to pay for the hostel. I had tried 3 banks the previous day to no avail, so I asked Inbal where a particular bank was that I knew would accept my card. He asked a few local friends and told me it was through a bad neighborhood but he would take me on his motorcycle if I wanted. 10 minutes later I was holding on strong to the rear handles of the bike, zooming through the steep curvy streets of Pelorinho. As we rode, I could see why one wouldn´t want to venture through the favela on foot. Dirty streets with skinny fiends taking shelter under bridges and in alleyways. The interesting part was this area was only 2 streets downhill from ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Itacaré February 11th 2012

Our introduction to the hostel was pretty nonchalant. A girl named Deb from England greeted us, asked our names, and showed us our room. Never did she ask for or write down our passport and basic info like every other hostel had done. The room was pretty standard; a lofty 4 bed dorm with rickity bunk beds, loose lockers, and a powerful fan. The ensuite bathroom was hilarious, it was so small that you could do everything at once - sht, shower, shave...Again, should have taken a photo. The owners, Peter and Deb (the same as who welcomed us), were the most friendly and relaxed people ever. They were only 30 and had moved to Itacare from England to find a more easy going lifestyle. The hostel had only been open for a year yet they ... read more
Chloe y La Concha
Jace Attempting
Surfer Jace

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