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February 8th 2006
Published: February 8th 2006
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Wow!!!! The jugle has to e experieced i perso, there is o way I ca descrie how great my trip was....... (y the way, some letters are missig o my keyoard, just so you kow...). I started out five days ago wit some ordiary lidila tourist stuff. Saw where the rivers meet ad some water lilies ad Wet Piraya fishig (ad ate them - they actually tasted good), alligator hutig, jugle hikes etc.
ut the REAL fu started whe I got a guide just for me to take me out capig i the jugle. I really thought of myself as a citygirl, ut i the ed of my five days stay all of the staff called me the jugle-girl! :o) I really liked the jugle campig eve though I proaly would't wat to do it for more tha a week... The guide was a Idia so he really kows the jugle. I was lucky that I was aloe with the guide sice you ca move a lot more quiet ad see so may more aimals.
The first ight we wet to a camp ot too far away from civilisatio, ut durig the secod ight we wet way out i the jugle ad made a whole ew camp right were the aimals pass durig the ight to get food. The ight was amazig. With the flaslight we were shiig i the jugle ad could see eyes everywhere. The soud was just so loud i the ight. It weas a pleasure just lyig i the hammock listeig to all the cracks, shrieks etc.
We also wet fishig with the machete ad made medicie from jugle plats. It was just so great. I will try to get a place where they ca ur my pics so that I ca put some out here.
I hope you are doig fu ad see you soo!


18th June 2007

Souds like a amazig experiece ad a lot of fu..;)

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