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South America » Brazil » Alagoas » Maceió February 22nd 2013

VENTURING BEYOND MACEIO: Piaçabuçú e Foz do Sao Francisco During my trips to Maceio, I usually visit the same places, where our loved ones are. This time I was determined to start exploring a little beyond my usual surroundings. I had seen a picture of the dunes by where the San Francisco river and the Atlantic ocean meet and was determined to go take a peek during this trip to Maceio. We packed the car and left for the more than 3 hours drive by the coast. Along the way, we see green coconut groves, small fisherman homes. I was very glad to see, that although poverty is still seen, misery is not. Arriving to the town of Piaçabuçú was refreshing: the colorfully painted homes, cobble stone streets, kids playing around, the church towering high. The ... read more
Tranquil beauty
A tree, a tent, a boat, surrounded by beauty.What else?

South America » Brazil » Alagoas October 30th 2012

Brazil's nordeste is famous for many things: its incredibly spicy food, its strong African cultural influence, its friendliness, its beautiful colonial era towns. Its thousands of kilometres of azure-watered, coconut-palm-fringed praias - beaches - are another. And so from pretty little Olinda I make my way along the coast to the next state south, Alagoas. Alagoas is Brazil's second smallest state - it's still a third larger than Wales, mind - and one of its poorest, despite its status as one of Brazil's most important producers of sugar (of which Brazil is the world's largest producer itself - that's a lot of sugar) and coconuts. Indeed, the view from the bus between Recife and Maragogi, the small seaside town where I will base myself for the next couple of days, consists of nothing but emerald green ... read more
Very Brazilian!
Beach at Maragogi
Crystalline waters of the Galés marine reserve, Alagoas

South America » Brazil » Alagoas » Maceió June 14th 2012

Please click on the entry to see the full text and all photos. So it was on this day a year ago, June 14th2011 that I left Vegas and the States to start my South American odyssey. A whole year has passed and I can’t believe it. I know it sounds cliché, but it doesn’t seem like I have been away that long. I feel as if I could go on for a while longer. As a matter of fact, there are only 2 things keeping me from extending my odyssey. One is money. Hey the funds are running low (now if you want to donate to the Keep Dave Oliver Traveling Fund I do accept Visa and American Express). The second reason is I do have a job to go back to. If I did ... read more
A burger from where I work.
A burger from Canoa, Ecuador.
A sandwich from Merida, Venezuela.

South America » Brazil » Alagoas » Maceió July 19th 2011

"Oi" (Hi) One can say I am biased to write about Maceio, since it's my hometown (even though I've lived abroad for a very long time), but this city is a true gem if you enjoy a warm destination by an amazing ocean. True that culture is not necessarily "in your face", and if one is interested to go beyond the surface, he has to take the time explore it. Here, it's just a brief overview of one more passage through Maceio and surroundings. WEATHER: I usually come home when it's winter time in brazil, but it's still a great time to visit Maceio. It's warm, from 21-30C, and although it rains intermittently, the sun still appears often enough for one to have a good time. I just returned from a walk under... read more
Jatiuca Beach
Splendid view and serenity

South America » Brazil » Alagoas » Maceió February 21st 2011

Po wyczerpujacej przeprawie Amazonka dotarlismy do Belem gdzie zlapalismy autobus (12 godzin) do Teresina (podobno nagoretsze miejsce w Brazylii), nastepnie caly dzien wloczenia sie aby zlapac kolejny nocny autobus (kolejne 21 godzin) do miejscowosci - Natal, polozonej na upragnionym wybrzezu. Plaza, woda i palmy to cos co marzylo sie nam od kilku tygodni. Podczas 5 dniowej przeprawy Amazonka, zgralismy sie z kilkoma ososbami i okazalo sie dwoch kolesi: Brian i Alex zmierzali w tym samym kierunku wiec postanowilismy polaczys sily - razem zawsze razniej i weselej - takze stworzylismy mala grupke 4 gringos. Dojechalismy do Natal gdzie bylo juz ciemno a przed nami bylo szukanie noclegu. Alex zostal z bagazami z jednym z barow i reszta rozdzielila sie w poszukiwaniu czegos przyzwoitego. Kiedy z radoscia rozladowalismy toboly w uroczej ´posadzie´postanowilismy oblac meczaca przeprawe co za... read more
Zebrak na plazy w Natal
Moj Brazyliano!Natal

South America » Brazil » Alagoas » Maceió October 12th 2009

Hi During the past year I visited my home town, Maceio, a couple of times, but didn blog. So, here is a short one, followed by pictures of family, friends and places. I will start with a comment about something I experience whenever I arrive at the first Brazilian airport. I can not fail to notice the cultural difference. At first, it feels somewhat caotic and disorganized, but thats expected by now. It is the noise that still gets to me. Boy we are LOUD here! And now with cell phones in everyones hands, its worse. One have no choice but to endure listening to everyones LOUD conversations. So many and so loud, and all at once! Nerve racking as you are trying to read or just rest after the long trip! But than, my tolerance ... read more
Sunset at Lagoa Mundau
Portal no Pontal
Anjinho no cemiterio de Capela...

South America » Brazil » Alagoas » Maceió July 1st 2009

The north east coast of brazil is soooo much fun! Beautiful!! -and brazilian culture is out of this world- people are so nice!!! So I arrived in maceio brazil to meet the most amazing women, my couchsurfing host, Vitoria, 65 retired vivacious professor of French. She picked me up from the bus station, made me a baked chicken dinner, made me a fantastic breakfast (all for free) and drove me to the beach to enjoy the next day. A truly terrific women, she was full of zest, life, and love. She had just fallen in love and been proposed to by her french boyfriend that had come from, and returned to, France. She inspired me when she told me about her life, and her long marriage that she left 12 years ago. Since then she’s had ... read more
Me and Pricila
Fabio and Pricilla
oh what a beautiful breakfast! thanks Vitoria!!

South America » Brazil » Alagoas » Maceió November 2nd 2008

So far we have probably spent a total of 8 solid days on overnight busses, they are great but the standard really varies. Some buses give you free snacks some have feet rests and some play DVDs. One bus we went on even played an English DVD which Alan and I were really excited about, at least there would be something to break up our 22 hour journey! Imagine our utter disappointment when the sound wasn't working! oh well never mind because for some reason the driver had selected english subtitles we could enjoy the film after all (Prime starring meryl streep and that chick out of kill Bill) the film was a bit dull but by about 1hour30 you were quite into it, which is about the time it got turned off when they swapped ... read more

South America » Brazil » Alagoas July 1st 2008

After a long day of travel we headed to the closest town, Pão de Açucar, to spend the night. Carlos took us to a little pousada in the center of town - apparently the only one reliably operating. Pão de Açucar used to be a tourist destination for its colonial architecture and its location on the São Francisco River. In recent years, however, lack of maintenance of historical buildings and of economic opportunity have caused the town to crumble, literally and figuratively. Very few restaurants are open in the evenings, many pousadas have closed, and the once-festive beach-front area is shuttered by nightfall. It is worth mentioning that Pão de Açucar’s big tourist attraction is its Corcovado. That’s right - a big Jesus. Just like in Rio de Janeiro! According to Carlos’ friend Milton, who ... read more
Pão de Açucar
Donkey carts
Jesus! It's Jesus!

South America » Brazil » Alagoas July 1st 2008

Our mission today is to visit Projeto Àgua Solar, located in Traíras, about 20 minutes upriver from Pão de Açucar. Another project of Eco-Engenho, this one uses solar energy to pump water from the São Francisco River up to cisterns on a hilltop. The water runs down through a series of hoses to drip irrigate one hectare of land. Little holes are punched in the hoses so a tiny amount of water provides continuous irrigation without overwhelming the soil During the rainy season, the system can be shut and the water stored for later. The farm where the project is located belongs to Zé Preto, whose name roughly translates to Joe Black. His father owned the land before him, and now he, his mother and a few of his brothers take care of the farm. ... read more
washing clothes in the river
Dad enjoying the boat
The Famous Boat

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