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Well, we´ve finally said "adiós" to Peru and crossed the border into its land-locked neighbour, Bolivia. The border crossing was very easy, the immigration guards looked at my half-finished visa, stamped it and as I tried to explain that I was struggling with certain bits, he waved me off with a Spanish "whatever"! I think this chilled out attitude is a good sign. Although we crossed into Bolivia we didn´t go far, just 8km in fact to the small town of Copacabana, which like Puno is also on the shores of Lake Titicaca. First impressions of Bolivia were the following, nobody met us at the bus stop (this was highly unusual since normally you´re mobbed by people trying to sell stuff), it´s cheaper (approx. 1/3 of the cost of Peru - to get it in perspective, ... read more
The Sun Sets on the Copacabana Streets
Sunset Over the Copacabana Bay
Hotel Garden in Copacabana

This is day 6 of my stay here at the Planeta de Luz (Planet of Light) Community, set high above the town of Quillacolla, a suburb of Cochabamba. Cocha is a large sprawling city that sits in a basin of mountains surrounding it on almost all sides. It is not a particularly attractive city, though I have as yet seen only a fraction of it. For us to get into the centre of Cocha we need first to catch a minibus near the Community (there are no bus stops here - one simply hitchhikes and shouts at the driver when you want to get off) and then a bus from the centre of Quilla. The Community is currently only a dozen or so people - all from South America and all in their 20s and 30s ... read more

Birthdays are a pretty big occasion and should be celebrated that way! It took a lot, A LOT of convincing on Sean's part to get me to agree to celebrate his BIG DAY on a Mt. Bike... we went with the longest running most reputable place in La Paz - basically for a trip descending 11,800 ft (3600 metres) down to Corico along the ¨worlds most dangerous road¨. We wisely went with Gravity Bolivia where their motto is going down's never been better ... read more
Flaming bus
Guy our guide the one without the hat
I think Guy called this 96% Pachamama

Eran las 5 de la manana y despues de un largo viaje (18 horas) hace mucho calor y abro mis ojos y veo la selva, totalmente diferente panorama de La Paz. Estaba feliz porque iba a ver al Elliot, el estaba trabajando de mesero en Rurre por comida y una cama. Apenas llegue el ambiente era caliente, lindas chicas, motos por todo lado y todo plano. Despues de encontrarme con Juan, nos fuimos a pasear por rurre y vi que alli todo el mundo tiene motos y bicis. la gente anda con poca ropa. Apenas llegue y no se podia estar si tomar algo asi que nos fuimos a desayunar chelas. Despues lo fui a buscar al Elliot y lo encontre en el piranha bar durmiendo en un catre que daba pena. Los siguientes dias fueron ... read more

Hallo ihr Lieben in der grossenweiten Welt, hier ein kurzer Bericht ueber die bolivianische Art seinen PKW zu versichern. Copacabana am Titicacase ist der bedeutendste Wallfahrtsort in Bolivien. Der Ort ist sogar so bedeutend, dass in Rio de Janeiro eine kleine Kapelle zu Ehren des Ortes gebaut wurde und dieser kleinen Kapelle verdankt der wohl bekannteste Strand der Welt seinen Namen. Aber zurueck zu dem kleinen bolivianischen Ort, um genau zu sein, zurueck auf den Platz vor der Basilika. Dort werden jeden Tag mit Blumen geschmueckte Autos, LKWs und Busse von einem Priester mit Weihwasser besprengt und zum Teil danach noch von ihren Besitzern mit Bier oder Schnaps begossen. Dieses Cha´lla genannte Ritual soll Fahrer und Fahrzeug ein Jahr vor Pannen und Unfaellen verschonen. Ob sich dieses Ritual auf die Pannen- und Unfallstatistik auswirkt, konnt... read more
Es geht los
so, den frisch Gesegneten noch schnell mit Bier uebergiessen
Der Naechste, bitte !!!

28 Mayo - Salar de Uyuni Well, made the overnight trip to Uyuni. Cold. Long. Uncomfortable. I didn't sleep much and Nikki was still ill. But we are all looking forward to this escape from reality. I am in yet another ancient place, this one more of a dreamscape. These salt flats are so extensive, they go on for days. I saw the name Salvador Dali on a map and I can completely see him here, “The Persistence of Time” and other surrealist pieces could easily be set here. Throw in some San Pedro and there you have it. We are in the middle of nowhere, in a cold-ass part of the world where not much lives or grows. The people who do live here are only here for the salt. It is their life, and ... read more
Salt Hotel
Pueblo in Salar
Train Graveyard

Huayna Potosi is described as the most accessible 6000m peak in the world, but alas, on the day, it turned out to be completely unaccessible for me. Summiting was the climax (or anticlimax) of a five day trekking-climbing trip in the Cordillera Real. We took some time to acclimatise throughout the week, climbing two 5000m passes and sleeping at around 4500-4700m each night. There was me and and an English couple Niki and Rich who were great fun. Rich had a fancy altimeter-thermometer watch which meant we were frequently updated with our altitude and progress. As well as the fact that it was -5degrees in the tent in the morning (and that was their two-bodied tent, i was sleeping by myself so it was probably colder). The 4th day we climbed from base camp to high ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 27th 2006

Arrive in La Paz at 6.30am shattered as the trip was freezing! The boys were on a lesser bus so had arranged to meet them here as been told never to get a taxi in la paz, certainly not on my own. After waiting over an hour I decide they must have missed me as my bus was late and am so cold I can´t feel my feet so break the rules and get a cab to the hostel. They aren´t there either and they have no room but at least it is slightly warmer. They finally arrive at 9am thinking I must be dead. We get a hostel a few doors down and immediatelly get into bed. Get up for lunch but struggle, the altitude is a killer and the city is all sloped! I ... read more
Karaoke Heaven
Karaoke Hell
Plane to Rurrenebaque

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 27th 2006

27 Mayo - La Paz Okay, last day in La Paz. There are markets for different kinds of food, flowers, household stuff, basically anything you could ever want, you can buy on the street. There is an Api market here, where you can go buy the warm drink really cheaply and if you speak a little Spanish, you can be assured that you will be elbow-to-elbow with someone who would love to have a conversation with you. These are the coffee shops of Bolivia. There are all kinds of people stuffed into these little places getting Api and brunelas. Api is a thick purple drink comprised mostly of purple maize. It is seasoned with sugar, lime, cinnamon, and a little bit of cloves and served steaming hot. It is so thick that you don't realize how ... read more
This is typical: standing around reading the newspaper at the stand

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » Tiwanaku May 27th 2006

just pixs of our outing ...... read more
gate of the Sun

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