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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 13th 2006

In La Paz now and last Sunday we completed the world's most dangerous bike ride.... just! We set off in the morning and arrived at La Cumbre at 4760m for the start of the ride. We got kitted out in our fetching helmets and flourescent jackets before having a drink of the worlds strongest sprit to toast "Pachamama" to keep us safe on the journey down. The first section of the 64km ride was tarmac and you could get up some real speed, the only real diffculty here was the buses and lorries on the road that we had to overtake as they were slowing us up. After 20km we came to the start of the world's most dangerous road proper. By this time the clouds had moved in and it was really foggy. The guide, ... read more
The top section
A stop after the first section
Truck on the road

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 12th 2006

Well folks, I ended my last entry with a brief mention of my intestinal distress. Indeed, it continued for the first two whole days I was in La Paz. I never figured out exactly what caused it....perhaps it was my unwise decision to eat street food...or the fact that nobody in South America refrigerates eggs....or my unwise decision to brush my teeth with tap water. Or maybe a combination. Anyway, I pretty much spent two days hanging out in my hostel, napping, and relieving my intestinal discomfort. So I didn´t see too much of the city at first. Luckily my health improved enough for me to go, as scheduled, on a mountain bike ride down, drumroll please...The World´s Most Dangerous Road. This road earns its distinction because something like 25 vehicles per year fall over the ... read more
View from My Balcony in Coroico

Buenas tardes! We have changed gears entirely (like the title says) and are now at the Bolivian Children´s Mission in Cochabamba. We are living here and volunteering with them for a week or two. We first arrived yesterday, after church, and already feel at home. There are 34 children here, and two parents, called Mommy and Daddy. it´s wonderful here - right now the boys are singing while they dress! I haven´t taken any photos yet, but you can be sure I will. The problem is thta there is not much time to upload them or update this blog with children all around to entertain. Right now many of them are at school, so it is a bit quiet. Ben has been put to work moving aruond stoves and other appliances. +'+'+'+'+'+'+'++'+'+'+'+'+'+' I am receiving a ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi June 11th 2006

We got the overnight bus from Topzia 2 Potosi and arrived in potosi at 5 am to a bus station with the method of selling bus tickets is by just many vendors shouting out the destinations very loudly, not exactly great at 5am!!!! Potosi is the highest city in the world around about 4100 meters. Because it is so high you get out of breath really easy and feel very unfit. For example when we went to the local nightclub, after every dance everyone was out of breath and had to sit down!!! The reason for visiting potosi is to go down the mine called cero rico.(well wait for it,that is what I first thought) The hill/mountain is the mine of Cerro Rico which has been mined for like 500 years.rising above Potosi. It has been ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 11th 2006

Having finally made it back from Rurrenbaque (finaly made it on a plane the next morning!),we check into our cool hostel- The Adventure Brew- strange but it seems that a Bolivian who is a mechanical engineer had caught onto what a hostel needs- free beer each night (created by the engineer/owner), and unlimited pancakes in the catch..the place was still under as u are there having a shower, there are these small Bolivians, working outside your window, occasionaly trying to peer through the foddy glass!! I had gotten quite worried when my flight got cancelled, as i was due to meet a friend of mine, Elliot, who was arriving from Canada into La Paz at midnight. after multiple failed attempts at trying to get onto a flight, i managed to organise for my friend ... read more
flamboyant costumes- cool!
figure of sun god
witch´s market

After watching the England game, I left La Paz and took a bus to Copacabana, which is small, captivating town on Lake Titicaca. Copacabana is the best spot in Bolivia from which to see the lake and visit Isla del Sol, which is where the Incas believed the sun was born. Lake Titicaca itself is quite simply the most beautiful lake I have seen. Not only is it the highest navigable lake in the world at 3,820m above sea level, it is also huge, covering an area of over 8,500 sq km. Its waters are the deepest, richest shade of blue I've seen; and because the air is so clear at this altitude, when the sun catches the surface of the lake, a billion sparkling stars appear in front of you. It is incredible. Lake Titicaca ... read more
Trucha a la Plancha
Isla del Sol

We rise early as our minibus to the Bolivian border departs at 8am. On the minibus, we meet Ian and Clare who will be our travelling companions for the next three days. The minibus makes the short journey to the Chilean border, where our passports are stamped and we are allowed to continue without any hassle. The minibus continues onwards towards Bolivian immigration. Once through this, and having paid the small fee to enter the country, we are taken to a building and given breakfast, which is the usual fare of bread, jam and tea. Fortunately there is hot water with the option of milk, rather than just a cup of hot milk and a teabag, which is customary. After breakfast, our minibus driver points out a red Toyota Landcruiser that he says is ours for ... read more
Bolivian border crossing post.
Welcome to Bolivia 1.
Welcome to Bolivia 2.

We tried to visit the Amazon Jungle while we were in La Paz but the flights we had booked could not not land in the town we were supposed to start our tour from because of to much rain. Apparently the runway was some sort of gravel, and turned to mud in the wet weather. I thought maybe stupidly, that because the airstrip was in the Amazon rain forest they would have forseen this problem, but hey who am I to judge. So next activity was a little bike ride.They have a gravel road in Bolivia that goes down into a valley, the start of the road is at over 4000m and it descends over 3000m into the valley. There are no barriers to protect you going over the cliff sides that are sometimes only cm ... read more
A quick Cuppa
A view to the bottom
Half way down

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 10th 2006

Having completed the 4wd crossing into Bolivia, spent a night in Uyuni, another strange kind of frontier town primarily used by travellers as a stop off before heading into or out of the country. Lots of strange statues in this town, which was freezing at night. Caught the worst bus ever overnight to La Paz with no heating, and our bags on the roof, it was a 12 hour journey incl. breakdown with no banos (toilet) or recognisable banos stops.... I felt very sorry for the female travellers. Arrived in La Paz the capital which sits in a basin with an amazing mountain backdrop, Cerro Llampu I think but don´t quote me. La Paz was slightly milder than Uyuni, and is a very busy if not dirty (the streets stink of urine). My arrival coincided with ... read more
Lets Start a War
La Paz Mercados Everywhere
Plaza De San Francisco

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Potosi June 10th 2006

Yes it´s slow, it´s fair to say this was probably our least favourite city so far! Maybe it´s unfair, maybe the altitude dampened our mood, maybe because we arrived on the weekend and almost everything was closed we felt the town had little to offer - or maybe it´s just plain old pants! Potosí for the record, is the highest city in the world ("self-proclaimed") at 3,967m. The town is dominated by the towering pink mountain called "Cerro Rico" (Rich Mountain) where the silver mining takes place. Potosí is certainly rich in history, it´s a mining town which boomed during colonial times when huge amounts of silver were found in the surrounding hills. At the time it was the richest city in the Americas and only London, Paris and Seville were more wealthy, on the world ... read more
Modelling a New Fleece
Potosí at Sunset
Back Streets of Potosí

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