Top Reason's Why Barb Wire is NOT a Comparable Replacement for a Clothes Line

Published: August 5th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Reason 1: Barb wire puts holes in clothes

Reason 2: Barb wire rusts

Reason 3: Barb wire could be very dangerous during an electrical storm

And the Final Reason: It can cause head wounds to tall American women...

Oh yes, we had an on the job injury today and I will start by saying that Marci is doing just fine. After a very touching women's ministry the ladies headed back to the Barrio Bolivar Nutrition Center for lunch with the men. They were doing various construction jobs at the actual center today. I must admit that the Nutrition Center is such an amazing place and something that was greatly needed by the Ayore at Barrio Bolivar. The story is extremely sad but I will share...every year children under the age of 5 were dying of malnutrition. The idea was on the table but it was the very startling news that a 2 year old had been raped in the village that put the gears in motion. The Nutrition Center is a safe place for children under the age of 5 to have 2 meals a day, as well as, receive proper/safe child care. Change starts with new standards set for a new generation and you can really see this working at Barrio Bolivar. I am so anxious to see what the long-term effects of this center will be.

So back to the story...we finished lunch and were lugging all of our VBS supplies back to the church when we all saw Marci buckle over and blood gushing (I know...gross). It appeared that she had hit her head on one of the many barb wire clothes lines hung throughout the village. We immediately got her back to the Nutrition Center where Dr. Placido and Dr. Toni cleaned her up enough to make a conclusion about the damage. If you have never seen a scalp wound before then mark yourself as fortunate...they bleed so much (I have pictures attached to prove it). Anyway, the diagnosis was that Marci needed 4 stitches on the top of her head. She was an absolute trooper throughout the entire process but was ready to start swinging if anyone even thought about shaving a bit of her head. Haha! Marci was stitched up in no time and is wearing what looks like a Band-Aid bow on the top of her head.

We completed the construction and VBS and headed back to SAM Base to rest a bit. We then headed over to the Smith's "Oasis" as I like to call there beautiful complex but not before I took my first SAM Base shower. It may be the scariest thing I've done to date and I have so kindly included pictures of the wiring so that you can see why.

Hugs & kisses to our family and friends!

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