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The train to Uyuni was pretty well appointed and packed with travellers. Still it jerked and rattled as we completed the 7 hour journey. Got to see three movies: all Hollywood produced but dubbed into Spanish. Only one was really suitable for the children on the train, but who cares violence is OK. Really? Soon after Oruro the train crossed kilometers of swamp land, grazed by thousands of Flamingos. All a slightly less vivid pink than we had seen in the Galapagos, but still very exotic. The altoplano scenary continued to be stark and barren, though as we got closer to Uyuni the mountains loomed large and caught the brilliant sunset light. The temperature dropped quickly once the sun went down. Judged from the condensation on the windows, down to 0oC and below. We ... read more
Bill & Wendell on the Salar
Across the salty desert
Map of the Salar de Uyuni

The train from Villazon to Tupiza was delayed 2 hours until they finally decided to depart without a generator. That meant no lights and heating for the duration of the 5 hour trip which would reach a chilly -20 degrees for the people staying on passed Tupiza....luckily we were departing at Tupiza! After finding a hostel the 4 of us booked on to a tour of south west Bolivia for 4 days. The itinerary was fairly bespoke as the driver, Denisimo, gave us the choices prior to setting off each day. It took me a while to remember his name and I tried to call him “Den!” a few times which he was not too happy about. Denisimo had been doing these tours for years and knew everything about the sights, in Spanish of course. Day ... read more
White Lagoon
The Geysers
Skating Flamingos

So after a bit of umming and ahhing we decided we would pay the little bit extra and go for the tourist bus, which we decided had a better chance of open toilets. This was a night bus but only semi Cama here. ..... Welcome to Bolivia!!!! And as we mentioned there was some protests going on in La Paz which as we boarded the bus at 8:30pm ready for our 9pm departure we were told this was the miners and there may be chance that's they could of blockaded the road to Uyuni, but not to worry the driver new alternatives. So off we went and after 2 hours sure enough the road was blocked leaving us with a cross country route which resembled more of a farm track rather than a road and that's ... read more
Mountain Climbing Again
Amazing landscape
Perfect Reflection

Standing on the precipice of what looks and feels like an alien world is undoubtedly one of the most surreal experiences of our journey thus far, perhaps ‘the’ most. Yet here we are, at the Bolivian ‘border,’ a comically unintimidating adobe hut in the centre of an immense open range of nothingness. A single distinguishable landmark can be seen for miles around in any direction; the dominating figure of Licancabur whose beautifully symmetrical peak soars 5,940m above sea level. Despite the fact Licancabur has not erupted for over 1,000 years, it ominously looms over much of the Salar de Atacama, beautiful and sinister. After our star gazing exploits out in the desert of San Pedro de Atacama, our ‘Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ style week continued into this strange, vast, desolate part of the world. There ... read more
El Arbol de Piedra
Laguna Blanca
Drying Ground

Day Three Day three flew by in a whizz of being freezing when getting up to seeing lots more wonderful lakes, volcanoes and scenery. One of the coolest things was the stone tree which similar to the deserto de Dali the day before is made from the way the weather has affected the formation of the stone. It was pretty cool to see how powerful the weather can be. It was on this day that we really noticed the difference in doing the tour from Tupiza. The route is a lot less crowded on day one and two but here a lot of other jeeps are on the route coming from the other direction but ending up in the same places. So that was good (we were only two jeeps versus like 20). We made it ... read more
Stone Tree
Salt Flat Tour

The morning was upon us, the Toyota Landcruiser was over packed with four large packs, food supplies, gas, numerous bottles of water and coke, sleeping bags, one guide, one cook and four travellers ready to start the next adventure of our travels. We set off in the direction of the hills on rocky, uneven, cracked roads and I knew that the days ahead would bring more excellent memories. Day One We climbed from Tupiza upwards to reach higher ground to see views of splendid valleys, passing traffic jams of llamas, stopping at wide open yellow grassed plains (with me using the natural toilet with very little hiding space, altitude is tough on the bladder btw). We stopped for a quick lunch prepared efficiently by our cook, Nilda on the roadside, all the time Chris, John, Tamsyn ... read more
Laguna Colorado

4 de Junio Got to Uyuni at 6 am. And it was fucking freezing. We ran and got some tea and met Steffi, a German/Londoner and got a 3 day tour with her. At 1030(bolivian time), we headed out to a train cemetery, then to a salt museum, where everything was made of salt! Then on to Salar de Uyuni, a salt flat that stretched as far as the eye could see. We went to an island full of cacti, and Justin and I wandered off and "found" some Abominatable Salt Man footprints. We stopped at a hotel made entirely of salt, had a long awaited and delicious dinner. A quick shower and bed. 5 de Junio We drove quite a bit today, saw some volcanic rocks and beautiful lakes. There were ... read more
Salar de Uyuni
cacti island
Abominatable salt man??

La première aventure en Bolivie, c’est une balade de 4 jours dans le désert du Sud-Lipez, dans le sud Ouest de Bolivie, à la frontière avec le Chili et l’Argentine. On loue les services d’une agence et on part à 4 dans une jeep, en traversant des paysages à couper le souffle, auxquels les photos ne rendent jamais complètement justice. On est sur les contreforts de la Cordillère, entre 3600 et 5000m d’altitude, en terrain stérile, traversant des hameaux reculés, des déserts de pierres, de sable, avec toujours en arrière-plan des montagnes multicolores qu’on croirait peintes par un artiste halluciné. On passe par des lagunes dont les couleurs changent au gré du soleil et du vent, qui prennent des teintes de vert et de rouille, et sur lesquelles se restaurent des centaines de flamands roses et ... read more
Sud Lipez (3)
Sud Lipez (24)
Sud Lipez (2)

Hello everyone! I´m very sad to say, that we have become infected.. we have contracted a virus! Fortunately, it is of the computer kind, rather than the sexual variety! The camera memory card is infected and we can´t download any photo´s until we get back to the UK and take the memory card to the software hospital. We will endeavour to use our phones to update facebook until we can get a new memory card. Boo. Right, so the Salt flats....... We arrived in Uyuni which can only be described as a ´hick cowboy town in the middle of no where. We tried to get on a salt flat tour but nearly couldn´t due to country wide transport strikes, but luck was on our side and we got booked in for the next day with Red ... read more

After once again enduring the tediousness of Chilean customs, we were on our way to Bolivia! I was excited to be entering a country for the first time and before another hour had passed, we were already at over 5,000m above sea level. Bolivian customs was a sight to behold, for we were nowhere near any form of civilisation, yet there before us stood a squat rectangular structure with faded blue paint in the middle of this vast expanse. Nearby was the rusting shell of a bus that was the toilet. Once the formalities were out of the way, we clambered into our Toyota Landcruiser, along with our driver, Wilson, and we were on our way to what would be three days of some of the most scenically breathtaking landscapes of my journeys thus far (accompanied ... read more
The first Lagoon - Laguna Blanca
Laguna Colorada
Flamingo at Laguna Colorada

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