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The decision to go to Bolivia was pretty last minute. As in until 1 week ago, we were not going there! However after chatting to various people and researching further into what we were going to do in South America, we decided to go for it! As we mentioned before, there are mixed stories about people's experiences of the tours of the salt flats, so with everything crossed, we booked the best reviewed company we could find and hoped for the best! We were picked up in a bus in the morning with 12 people on board, this meant that because it was 6 to a jeep, we were looking at full jeeps for the rest of the ride. Because we were crossing desert and salt flats, four wheel drive is basically the only way to ... read more
more mineral mountains
last lagoon of the day
beautiful red lagoon

The landscape started to change a little bit on a way to Tupiza. The soil started to look a little bit reddish and different vegetation appeared out of nowhere. Tupiza region is said to look like an American wild-wild west, however we cannot judge as this part of the world is still ahead of us to discover. We stopped only once on a way for some ‘almuerzo’ and toilet and even though there was a pretty decent restaurant with FREE banos, majority of locals from our bus went straight to the hard shoulder and just did their business. What the hell? Even woman, who are usually shy of such situations, would lift up their vast, multi-layered skirts and just squat on the ground. Well, maybe in our society it is called ‘private’ business but definitely not ... read more
amazing landscape around Tupiza
behave boys or else....
we even saw twister

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni November 15th 2012

Arriving in to the border town of Villazion was an experience as half the town played host to a carnival of some sort. There were hundreds of kids wearing a variety of colourful outfits and dancing to an off-key brass band. The plaza was a no-go area, but nonetheless Ellie and I found ourselves there trying to reach the town's only cash point. The locals tried to be helpful, by directing us, but they seemed to overlook the carnival and the temporary stands as notable obstacles to our progression! Eventually we passed through the masses, got our cash and then hot footed it to the station. We were told it was 7 blocks from the border, this was a lie of epic proportions, we battled on for what seemed like an age, the altitude adding about ... read more
Bolivian Carnival
Gates of Hell
Kids Play

After I somehow managed to end up in Chile I dont even remember now where to begin... I think it was... SANTA CRUZ! Santa Cruz is a town that doesn't seem bolivian at all compared to other cities. It has a mix of small town feeling in a big city. Or the other way around? It's rather relaxed and green, and very very very hot! too hot, but I was there for a reason: DIEGO! Diego is a Colombian friend that I worked with in London! And I have to tell you that this is happiness: meeting a friend on the other side of the world, a piece of home set in the middle of south America :) priceless, and worth every night spend on a bus, which were 3 out of 4 in total, sometimes ... read more
dont pee- its all made of salt!

Der Südwesten Boliviens ist von einer riesigen Wüste auf 4000m Höhe bedeckt, Ausläufer der Atacama-Wüste. Vom Ort Uyuni aus buchten wir einen Drei-Tages-Trip mit einem Jeep durch diese Wüste. Was wir alles gesehen haben erzählen die Bilder. Die Gruppe war eigentlich perfekt. Holger, ein deutscher Expat in Paraguay, Blancha, eine 71-jährige Musikprofessorien aus Argentinien, Sio, eine Werbefilmerin aus Macao (Referenz: davor und danach noch ein paar Videos von uns), Mario, unser Fahrer und Oscar, ein Stimmungsmacher aus Amsterdam. Schnell wurde Blancha zur "Mamma", Sio zur "Little Sister" und wir alle zur "Familia". Drei Tage Spaß und beeindruckende Landschaften. Und bei jeder Bewegung außer Atem :). Mehr Fotos von unserem lustigen Trip gibts auch noch hier: (Flickr-Account von Sio,... read more
geht ja gut los... :)
Train Cemetery
double Bolt arms

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni September 30th 2012

Back on the road again felt good. We looked forward to new sites, experiences and surprises offered by traveling to outpost far and away. Uyuni is just the place, a weathered Wild West type town surviving on the edge of the world's largest salt plains, hemmed in by incredibly dry dusty deserts and surviving as the start for Toyota Land Cruiser trips across the arid Altiplano of Bolivia. Uyuni existed years past as a central railroad yard, delivering supplies and hauling out gold and silver from nearby mines. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid stalked the area, robbing trains, raising havoc but eventually being cornered by the Bolivian army and killed. Surprisingly, the locals speak kindly of them, noting their Robin Hood ways and a bit proud their notoriety brought to the area. Nevertheless, we arrived ... read more
Llama and Beef Steaks
Uyuni Outdoor Gym
Adelio, Me and His Land Cruiser

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni September 20th 2012

After 11 hours in a comfortable bus-cama (bed), even more than my oversea flight from Madrid to Lima, finally arrived aroundaround 12 pmin the high, chaotic, 'smoged' city of La Paz. As if 11 hours weren't enough, I took after 1 1/2 hours on the terminal a less comfortable, under-standard bus to Tupiza (southern Bolivia). Almost mist my ride since Bolivia is on hour ahead of Peru and had not jet realized. Had to run to the bus at an altitude of 4.000 masl. missing any chance to have a good meal (at the end of the bus ride it would be like 2 days without proper meals) and bought water and some empanadas alike for the ride. Although the ride ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni September 14th 2012

I stayed in Laz for a few days after my attempt at the mountain, I was feeling rubbish so took a few days to recover which was not possible at altitude . I saw a few of the sights of La Paz and did some shopping as Bolivia was sooooo cheap - just a shame I don't have a bigger bag. I decided to treat myself and fly to Uyuni which is where my salt flats tour began, flaights in South America are expensive so was a little bad but I couldn't face a 20 hour bus journey. After walking along the runway and other planes getting re fuelled and ready to take off (H&S is very different out here) we boarded the plane. The 45 minute flight was good with amazing view of the baron ... read more

Day 315 Tuesday 21st August Up at 6.30 and finished the last of our packing before grabbing a quick breakfast. When we checked out the lady running the place was so lovely it was hard for us to leave, and when the minivan turned up at 8.10 to pick us up she ran out the front and waved us goodbye. We were driven around town picking up others till there were 12 of us in the minivan and after a short stop at the tour agents office we were off to the Chilean Immigration office. This was just a small building located on the edge of town and strangely enough a short walk from our hotel. There was only one man processing passports and the queue was huge as a couple of tour buses turned up ... read more
Day One
Day One
Day One

For the unitiated, Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world. That sure sounds exciting eh? Those who know, KNOW, that actually its brilliant. For many reasons. But none more important than the stupid photos it allows you to take. The salt flat, as you may imagine, are white, and flat. It looks like snow. But slightly less cold. And i do mean slightly as it was bloody cold up there. First stop was an abandoned train yard, which has since been turned into some kind of playground. We posed for photos on derelict trains and went on the swing and seesaw. It was odd. At the end of the day, everyone is just waiting to get on the salt flats... and soon enough we were there. And he photo based hilarity ensued.... ... read more
El Classico
My favourite accessory
Is this what Enoch Powell was banging on about?

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