Reserva de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa - Days 8 & 9 Had Lagoons, Hot Springs, and 7 Layers of Clothing

Published: June 9th 2013
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(less the Irish lass taking the photo)
Update - Now with photos!



Tuesday and Wednesday we got into the swing of things. We saw active volcanoes, Chilean mountains, flamingoes, geysers, and washed off the grit from the long drive in natural hot springs.

We gained a sense of comraderie with our Irish car mates as well as the Brits and Americans in the other car along for the trip. We drank cheap beer together, took hundreds of photos (or at least I did, and when the Euros tired, they played hackey sack). We ate friend chicken and tolerated Illacio's music when our ipods died. When the second night got as cold as -20c we hunkered down under seven layers of blankets, 6 twin beds in the room with only 3 occupied by the respective couples trying to beggar their significant other's body heat like a scene out of the last 20 minutes of Titanic.

All in all we had a great time, took in some spectacular scenery, and are confident that in 20 years this part of Bolivia will be an overpriced and crowded tourist hub for tourists around the world. In the meantime, we are glad we were able to experience it for a mere $33 a day.


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Train Tracks to ChileTrain Tracks to Chile
Train Tracks to Chile

(Chilean skyline in the background)

The ´I was here´photo
Geyers at 6:30amGeyers at 6:30am
Geyers at 6:30am

I swear I´m happy to be there...
Natural Hot SpringsNatural Hot Springs
Natural Hot Springs

Much needed after 3 days of no showers!

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